All Children's Pediatric Critical Care RN Residency Program

  1. 0 I hope I am even posting this in a relevant place for others to see! I just downloaded the app and signed in after not using allnurses since being accepted into my RN program, lol (which I am thankfully now graduated and licensed, and having one hell of a time finding a position!)

    This is for the summer 2012 applicants:
    Has anyone heard from them via email or phone regarding candidacy? Licenses are due by the 30th if we are accepted, and I am dying with anxiety! I have a job offer I am trying to bide time on solely for the possibility of this residency. Any insight would be great. Perhaps it is a good thing I haven't gotten an email yet? Thanks so much!
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    I'm commenting to bump this thread--has anyone heard ANYTHING? Denial or phone call? I am getting wary as the time passes....PM me if you don't want to reply. Thanks so much! It would give me some peace of mind!
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    I applied on June 4th after speaking with a Nurse Recruiter in May, and I dropped off a hard copy of my documents to HR on June 5th. After a month of no news, on June 10th I emailed the recruiter I previously spoke with to reiterate my interest in the program, but I haven't heard back yet. I've left voicemails with HR and with said recruiter, but I still haven't heard back via that route, either. I've applied to other positions at ACH in the past and always got a "thanks but no thanks" email after being denied. I haven't gotten one of those yet for the residency position, so I still have a thread of hope, but today is the day I should be giving my 2-weeks notice to my current employer, and I still don't know anything. It's very disheartening, because this seems to be the best shot new grads have at securing employment as an RN. Has anyone else heard anything yet? *fingers crossed*
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    I was invited down to the interview day at All Children's Hospital for the New Grad RN program but was hoping anyone had more information about the process? I am looking for more information on starting salary for New Grads at All Childrens? I was also hoping to hear from someone who has worked there and their experience. Thanks!
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    Anyone currently work at ALL childrens now? I just applied for the 2014 cohort starting in March. Hope I get a call
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    Hi New2Nursing14', I just applied for the 2014 cohort starting in August and I was wondering how long it took for you to hear anything back from HR when you applied?
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