Accepted to the LPN program in FL

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    I have just been accepted into the LPN program at Lake Tech, in Eustis FL. I have my associates degree, and have taken all prerequisites to the RN program except Microbiology and A&P 2, when I finish my LPN I plan on immediately doing the LPN-RN bridge at the local college. I have chosen to take this route because of scheduling. I can't wait to get started! Any advise on things I should brush up on before the start of the program?

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    Hi! I go to Lake Tech right now, I love it! I'm in the same boat, I've finished all my RN pre-reqs and am going to bridge right over when I graduate.

    I'd start reading up on A&P, that's where most people have huge difficulties.

    Good luck and congrats!
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    Hi ladies! I just finished the CNA program at Lake Tech this past month! I am trying to apply to get into the LPN program. How difficult was it to get accepted? Also, how hard was the TEAS test??
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    The TEAS test was pretty difficult but I bought the TEAS study guide book and a sample from their website. That helped a lot!

    To get an interview into the LPN program, you only have to score the mean or higher of all the test takers. For my group the mean was only 50 something % so it was pretty easy in that regard.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks! I have one if the study guides that I'm using for it, so hopefully it covers everything. Have you already started the program??
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    yup I started in April, but I'm in the part time program so I don't graduate until November
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    Thanks! I am excited and ready to get started! I will be in the full time evening class that start March 14 and graduates in February!

    @ makc88 , just keep studying your teas study guide and do the practice test, and you should do fine!
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    I kind of wish I did full time. This 19 month thing is taking forever! Let me know if you have any questions throughout your course. You're going to love it It gets much less hectic after A&P I promise!
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    What kind of stethoscope did you purchase for school?
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    I do have a couple of questions, but since I have not posted 15 topics I can't private message yet, so here they are.

    1-how much time do you spend studying
    2-are clinical's as tough as everyone says they are
    3-does lake tech allow laptops in the classroom.
    4-are you allowed to have any colored stethoscope or does it have to be black?
    5-where you able to find white scrubs that are not completely see through?

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