Accelerated nursing program at florida atlantic university

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    I have a gpa of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale but my school uses a 4.33 scale so on that scale my actual school cGpa is a 3.68...From what I understand, at FAU they do not convert your transcript grades to fit to their schools grading system, rather, they just take your own institutional GPA from the school you come from and use question is, since I come from a canadian school and my schools gpa system is based on the 4.33 scale, will they look at my gpa and convert it to a 4.0 scale(which is i presume what they use) or take my gpa for what it is during the admission review process???.:uhoh21:...also anyone happen to know what the average admission gpa is for FAU.?? last question..sorry for bombarding you all at once...anyone know how often they offer the HESI extrance exam to be written...being that I am in canada and plan on entering an accelerated program in MAY 2010 when should i ideally write it (with consideration particularly of application time for FAU) I cant stress enough how thankful I am for everyones help!.:heartbeat

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    Please refer to link with regards to HESI. Hope this answers your questions.
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    [color=#cc3300]deadline for may, 2010 accelerated and traditional programs is november 30, 2009 thus i would shoot for sitting for exam asap. being you live outside fl, per fau, you need to sit for exam locally where you live and then forward results to them . this info is posted on the link i posted above.
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    Does anyone know how long it takes to get the results back from the HESI exam?
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    The one I took told you the score when you were done.
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    Anyone applying for the Accelerated Nursing Program in May 2011? I was wondering if you know when we will be notified of any decision. Also, does anyone know their statistics?
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    I have applied for the May 2011 ABSN program. I believe that for the last class, the school let applicants know sometime in February if they were accepted.
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    Thank you and good luck!!
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    Thanks, good luck to you as well. Are you applying to any schools besides FAU? I am also applying to UCF.
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    I have 3 classes pending, I am afraid I can't apply to UCF
    I am also applying to USF and UM. UM is very expensive, but I rather do it in Miami that waste 1 year!
    Are you in the health field now?

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