A couple of questions about Florida schools

  1. So this is my final semester of nursing pre-req courses. I was initially planning on simply applying to State College of Florida (MCC) continuously until I got into the program, but now they're having all new requirements and I'm sort of getting the run around on the new CNA requirement. Initially it was that as long as you had a CNA license that was good enough, now you have had to work 3 out of the last 5 years if you are licensed or go to a certified CNA school in Florida before applying. On top of all this the RN program is incredibly difficult to get into just like any other RN program and I'm just very discouraged. I have been considering going to Keiser's RN program in Sarastoa and after graduating transferring to UCF's online RN-BSN, FSU's RN-BSN, or USF, I heard USF had an online program, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know what the minimum GPA was for the last acceptance period at SCF, how much it costs to go to Keiser and most importantly if Keiser's credits will transfer and if a public university will take Keiser's credits. Does USF have an online program. I know they have RN-BSN and RN-MSN, but are either programs totally online? How difficult is it to get into a RN-BSN transfer program? I know it's a lot of questions, but I've been freaking out over this stuff!
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    I can only answer a few of those, and mostly with what I have heard and do not know first hand. hopefully someone can clarify.

    Keiser is around 40K for an RN degree I believe. I think that is insane. I attend a state college, and I am paying about 10k for everything. Pre req's included. And I think it depends on whether your Keiser location is accredited as to if the credits will transfer? Someone correct me here. That being said I have read enough about private schools and heard the horror stories about NOT being able to transfer a damn thing that you probably couldn't pay me to attend one.

    As far as acceptance req's, my institute looked at GPA yes, but they accepted students based on a point system, which is different everywhere. For the class I got in with, there was a total of 215 possible points, and the cut off was 195. 35 students, 600 applicants. Very competitive.

    I have heard Manatee has a good program Maybe go and talk to someone, with your transcripts and see where they think you stand...what you could improve etc...
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    Also, our program has online as well as an option, I think that's pretty standard. You still ovb have to attend lab, and clinicals. However, be warned, internet classes are not for everyone. I have see A students struggle in the online classes.
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    I've taken plenty of online courses through my CC, so I know what they're like and I usually excel at them. I don't know if it's any different for nursing though. SCF(MCC), as far as I know, only goes off of GPA. You only have to take the English, reading, and math portions of the TEAS test and from what I was told, the actual scores don't matter, you only need to pass with minimal scores. I know most other schools use a point method.
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    I was just browsing thru this site, and one of the posts from earlier this year said there were alternates with 3.8's.
    Also, it looks like per the college's website at least, that the CNA req will be starting Fall 12. You should be good if you get in for Spring
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    I won't be able to apply for the spring because my pre req's will not be done. I'll just have to suffer through the CNA program I guess. Just to update for anybody interested, I just called Keiser University Sarasota and it's $8000.00 per semester so $32000.00 for the entire program and that's AFTER you have your pre-req's done. I had to call the school to find out because I couldn't find this information online. I'm not planning on paying $32,000.00 for 16 months of an undergraduate program. I wish there were other nursing schools in the area.
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    SCF GPA information - no way to tell what the GPA cut off will be. Each group of students who apply change, so, do the GPAs. Highest GPAs get selected so, if the highest GPA received is a 3.0 then that student gets in! Nothing is hidden, it's just impossible to forecast what the highest GPAs will be in each applicant group each semester. Lots of student get admitted with lower GPAs than 3.6 - also depends on the number of general ed classes taken. Admission info on line. Don't believe all the rumors!!!