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HiEveryone! I am gatorguy3380, and I am planning on applying to the UF Accelerated BSNprogram beginning in 2013! I have been steadily working my way through my prerequisites and am studying for my GRE as we speak. I have been... Read More

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    Yeah, i think I would get like a 21 or 22 on the points sheet. The scores I'd miss would be things I can't really control, like being of a demographic underrepresented in nursing, or having the max # of years of related work experience (since I only decided to change to nursing less than a year ago)

    And yay for March! I can't believe I have another ABSN interview next Friday already!

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    Has anyone else in Gainesville checked their mail today? Mine doesn't usually come until afternoon, so just wondering if I really should stay home all day to wait for it... LoL!
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    Just checked and the mail came early, but no letter from UF
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    Too bad! Thanks for letting us know through!
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    Letters should be going out sometime next week I'm excited yet nervous I hope everyone gets in. Have a great week you all .
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    Mr. Foote, at this time have all the acceptance and rejection letters gone out?
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    Just got my acceptance letter in St. Augustine! Check your mailboxes! Good luck!
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    Quote from PsychNurse13
    Just got my acceptance letter in St. Augustine! Check your mailboxes! Good luck!
    What did the package look like?
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    It came in a regular envelope.
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    So happy for you!

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