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    Someone in a previous post stated that "people line up to volly" as EMS providers in some states- which would negate the need to have RNs in the prehospital field. I can tell you that's definitely not true where I live- we don't have enough people to staff the ambulance 24/7 at my volunteer fire company- let alone enough paramedics or ALS providers to staff the ambulance at the ALS level all the time.

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    I took full advantage of my Ill PHRN by getting on a paid fire service. Better money, better hours, and better benefits than the local hospitals as a RN. EMS is more "fun" to me. I believe Iowa has a PHRN, atleast they did at one time.

    It opened alot of doors for me, including a flight job.
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    Sorry to bump an old thread up, but does anyone have any updated info on any of this? I just renewed my EMT license for the 3rd time and am about a year away from my RN/BSN. I did it for this exact reason- I'm told RN's can challenge the NREMT-P and upon successful completion, earn their -P credential. But how would we learn to intubate and crich? I believe Creighton university in Omaha, NE has a 2 week RN to Medic program that teaches these skills and a current EMT-B is required.

    Any additional info would be helpful!!

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    Challenge NREMT? I'm an RN, RRT and NREMT-I/85 and I've just been notified by the NREMT that I must take the entire NREMT exam over in addition to taking a transition class just to maintain AEMT credentials. If not, I loose and will be demoted to EMT regardless of my other credentials. Your state may have an approved bridge programme that will allow for NREMT eligibility however. I've heard good things about Creighton, but I'm always skepticle about taking the path of least resistance. I didn't "pull rank" with my RN when I looked at respiratory school and I do not intend to do so regarding EMS. Your personal mileage may vary however and I'm not here to pass judgement.

    Edit: Also, pay close attention to the pre-requirements for the Creighton programme. You will need at least two years of experience & ACLS before you can apply.
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