Stay Safe

  1. Keep the families and fellow crew members in your thoughts and prayers:

    Accident at Fort Bliss

    El Paso man among 3 killed

    There was no patient, and this was a planned training exercise. Remember to stay safe out there, my friends.
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    The condolence book is up at Flightweb.

    John was one of my managers. He was a well known and respected member of the EMS community. In addition, he was a great guy. He was supportive and even worked around my school schedule to ensure I could still pick up shifts. I was even able to work Christmas for the holiday pay because of John. Even worse, his wife is expecting in the next couple of months. This is a true tragedy and my thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

    Anthony was one of the nicest and gentlest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It did not matter how tense things were, Anthony could diffuse the situation by walking through the door. Anthony was great fun to fly with and had an empathetic and caring approach to patient care that I rarely encounter. I remember some great flights with Anthony. Flying to Lubbock and grabbing a bite to eat at Rosa's on the way back to the airport or that bumpy ride we took over the Franklin mountains after responding to an airport scene call in a fixed wing. Thoughts and prayers go out to anybody who knew Anthony.