preparation for flight nursing

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    If a nurse is interested in this specialty what should they do to prepare themselves? I guess what I'm asking is where do they begin in order to work toward this goal of becoming a flight nurse?

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    I think the best way to train for this would be by starting in an adult ICU then going to trauma ER and then getting some peds ICU experience.
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    Try searching this forum. There are dozens of threads on the subject and the info hasn't changed.
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    Quote from cvmursenary
    i think the best way to train for this would be by starting in an adult icu then going to trauma er and then getting some peds icu experience.
    that is what i have heard from others. though all the flight nurses that i have had a chance to talk with often times tell me that they had were paramedics first and that it may be best if after i'm done with nursing school is to apply to the paramedic course. is this absolutely necessary?
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    Some states require dual certification as either an EMT-B or a paramedic. Again, if you do a search you will find tons of information on the best approach.

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