Flight nursing in reserves

  1. I'm currently a flight nurse in the civilian world. I've been flying for about 5 years. I am interested in joining the reserves. My general question is- Can I be a flight nurse in the reserves or do I have to be active duty? If so, which branch do people have experience with? Or would recommend? Thanks
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  3. by   Euro_Sepsis
    Military flight nursing is very different from civilian flight nursing. It's primarily and Air Force mission and something you can do in the reserve. You would be doing long distance, fixed-wing transports of med-surg patients. Your training would emphasize logistics over patient care. There are a few - veeeeery few - rotary wing, point of injury med-evac type of jobs. Air Force TCCET teams and the US Army might be the only two branches that utilizes nurses in some limited role for this, and I don't believe the reserve components fill either of those missions.