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I know of the CEN support thread in the Emergency Nursing forum. It is a thread where people can talk about how they study, give general support, words of wisdom, and pearls. I thought a similar topic could be helpful for... Read More

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    Isn't CTRN somewhat redundant after you've got CFRN?

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    I suppose it might be as it is a very similar test as I understand it. I only do ground transport so I wouldn't take CFRN. Glad they started the CTRN!!
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    Very similar exams from what I hear. The material comes from the same sources. What I have herd is, CTRN is CFRN without the aviation.
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    I am a fairly new Flight nurse (less than a year). I am studying to take the CEN, CCRN, and the CFRN. The review material I have is dated, so I am planning on purchasing newer material. I have heard many good reviews about material by Laura Gasparis VonFrolio, but she does not have any new editions out. I would like a review book, as well a question/answer type book. I have the most recent TNCC book, which has been helpful. There is a vast amount of material out there, and some I have found is not very useful, and some is down right innacurate. Suggestions will be much appreciated!!!

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    Welcome SusieJ - congrats on the job.

    Those are VERY different exams - not sure why you would try all 3, but whatever works for you. Actually, the CEN and CFRN are more alike than different - but, IMO the CCRN is a completely different exam.

    Not sure of your clinical background or the service you fly with as what you are "walking around with" clinically can matter loads in prep for these exams. Example - if you have 10 years strong ED, but no CC experience & work for a community service that rarely transfers the "sickest" patients you are gonna need a lot more review in CC areas than in core emergency nurse knowledge. The CCRN is a near impossible exam for RN's that have only limited variety of ER experiences and no CC experience - there are critical thinking and clinical application questions thatt you will test your mastery of management of the critical patient. Also, for the CFRN any experience in prehospital stuff (since you have gotten since you started flying within the last year) or have from before really will determine if you can review or if you have no foundation and need to start from the very beginning. Even the best nurses rarely know about flight safety/survival, scene safety, field triage, hazmat - you may be with a strong program and have gotten an amazing education or not? It will matter in prep vs. review.

    My advice if you are in review - carry on. If you are in a spot of having to learn gobs of "new" things for these exams - spend another year (or two) and re-visit the exam quest. If you have limited experience and were hired to fly and have few senior nurses to guide you - spend the time to get better at what you do - there will be plenty of time to test your knowledge after you have gotten more experience. PHTLS/TNATC/NRP/Basic EMT are all valuable courses.

    You are looking at spending almost $1000 on the exams - it pays to be as prepared as possible. Take the one you are most prepared to take - ER background = CEN, CC = CCRN and strong flight orientation/resources = CFRN.

    What resources do you have to draw from at your flight service? Do you have other flight nurses that have experience and can guide you?

    I find that the Core Curriculum in Emergency Nursing (from ENA) and the Critical Care (from AACN) are excellent resources. The Principles Transport (Blue Book) is an essential transport reference.

    Good Luck.
    Fly SAFE!
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    Thank you so much for the info. I have been both and ER and ICU RN for 14 years, working both departments interchangeably, and still do. I also work for an flight agency that does transport the "sickest" patients on a regular basis. I am planning on taking the CEN first, as it's required by my agency. Then I'm not sure which one I will take next. I will continue to work for the ER/ICU part time, but I do love flight nursing!!!
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    ......Oh, and I already have my PHTLS, NRP & EMT certifications, and learned quite a bit from all those....

    Thanks again!!!
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    Has anyone used Will's video series from his website?
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    Quote from in2bate71
    Has anyone used Will's video series from his website?
    I used the "ACE SAT" book by Mr. Wingfield and felt that I was well prepared for the CFRN when I took it mainly because of the review. Not only is it full of examinations that cover the core subjects encountered on the CFRN, but a full rationale is given for the correct answers and key points are emphasised. What he does different; however, is to integrate diagrams, photographs and so on into the rationale section of the book. I hear good comments about his ACE SAT review online as well. Some of his online modules have been integrated into the refresher training topics where I work. Thus far, I have completed his flight physiology module and can say that it was pretty good.
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