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I know of the CEN support thread in the Emergency Nursing forum. It is a thread where people can talk about how they study, give general support, words of wisdom, and pearls. I thought a similar... Read More

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    ......Oh, and I already have my PHTLS, NRP & EMT certifications, and learned quite a bit from all those....

    Thanks again!!!
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    Has anyone used Will's video series from his website?
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    Quote from in2bate71
    Has anyone used Will's video series from his website?
    I used the "ACE SAT" book by Mr. Wingfield and felt that I was well prepared for the CFRN when I took it mainly because of the review. Not only is it full of examinations that cover the core subjects encountered on the CFRN, but a full rationale is given for the correct answers and key points are emphasised. What he does different; however, is to integrate diagrams, photographs and so on into the rationale section of the book. I hear good comments about his ACE SAT review online as well. Some of his online modules have been integrated into the refresher training topics where I work. Thus far, I have completed his flight physiology module and can say that it was pretty good.