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I am about to graduate with my BSN in May 2010 and am very interested in working with the IHS. I have been in contact with at least one nurse recruiter but did not receive very useful information. I am wondering if anyone knows... Read More

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    I recently worked at Ft Defiance.

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    Id like to clarify some things, First of all Tribal hire IS NOT Federal employment. The tribe owns an operates the facility. You are at the discretion of the tribe regarding employment, YOU ARE not an employee of the federral government.
    I was offered a job at Ft. Defiance and turned it down. I believe it is NOT in your benefit regarding your nursing license to work for a tribe, sad to say. Even though they are posted on the IHS web site they ARE NOT IHS jobs.
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    Whether or not a tribal facility if an IHS governed facility is dependant on the individual structure of each facility. Some tribes practice self governance, some shared, some are completely IHS run... all depends on where you are. And a blanket statement that working for a tribe is a bad move... well.... I don't agree. Again, it depends on the facility. I'm in an AMAZING place, with more support, opportunities, and experiences than I ever thought possible.
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    Where are you? How long have you been there?
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    @RPonicki- I am at the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority in Washington State. I've been here 6 months, and was hired as a new BSN RN. I'm a patient educator, work on the Diabetes team, have a hand in developing new protocols and patient education in the form of 1:1, PPP's, Teaching displays, and work on the Diabetes Team. I also work on the Medical Floor as a RN when needed, and to keep up skills. There, I triage, work with amazing Docs, and help stabalize patients for transport to the ED when needed. AMAZING job. Admittedly, not all facilities are like this one, but the biggest thing is... your job is what you make it. It's your choice to get angry at perceived injustices, or to get active, and impact them!

    Other facilities that you might look into are the Whiteriver Hospital, White River, Az, on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, the Sells Indian Hospital in Sells, Arizona. They are both rural facilities, Sells much more so!!

    Wherever you go, go with an open heart, and and open mind. It is NOT going to be like off-Rez facilities. You can't change that part, but you can make a positive impact if you're willing to work for it!!!
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    Sells AZ, is looking for an RN traveler right now to work Inpatient Nights (medsurg). Hit me up if you want the agency that's recruiting for it, they are talking immediate start & will honor ANY state license.
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    79 Tango why do I get the feeling that you and I might work together
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    Hi everyone,

    For those of you who said you work at Ft. Defiance are you still there? Do any of you have families and if so what was the experience like living on the rez with children?

    Thank you
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    Your job sounds amazing, how did you find it?
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    Has anyone worked at Tuba City or Chinle in Arizona? Or anywhere in Montana? I will be graduating with my RN in May 2014. Thanks!

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