Working for IHS as a Grad Nurse

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    I am about to graduate with my BSN in May 2010 and am very interested in working with the IHS. I have been in contact with at least one nurse recruiter but did not receive very useful information. I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible for a grad nurse to get a job with the IHS. A lot of the applications state they need 52 weeks experience, but I am wondering if my clinical experience in school could count or if they are in such great need for nurses that they will take a grad nurse. Secondly, I am wondering if this will even be a good place to start working ie if they have good orientation programs if they have them at all at IHS hospitals. I am looking at the Southwest region, specifically Arizona but am open to other SW states. If anyone has any experience with grad nurses working for the IHS I would greatly appreciate it.

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    IHS will hire new grads. Getting into a federal facility that is located in a metropolitan area can be tough. If you are willing to move out to the more rural areas of the Rez then you shouldn't have any trouble getting a job.
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    You can also get in in the rural areas of the Midwest. Basically talk to your friends and family. Ask them where the last place that they want to live is. Then see if they have a hospital there.
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    Do they hire RNs without the BSN? I desperately want to work in a IHS hospital in a rural area. How can I make that happen?
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    They do. Ridersofrohan8 is my gmail. I can't send private messages. e-mail me.
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    I currently work for IHS and have for years.
    IHS has changed a-l-o-t , that being said just go to USA jobs and you'll get one.
    Choiced sites are hard to get in, Native preference is practiced although it is not hard to get employment.
    Pineridge SD needs nurses , most of Abeerdeen area does.
    There are alot of changes going on related to the healthcare reform and Certification of the Medicare/Medicaid funding.
    Its tough to work in IHS. Good luck!
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    just wanted to add- sometimes you don't get where you want . You must be willing to take what you can get(grads sometimes have to do that) and go from there, I've worked in some great places and some very awful.
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    AZ has a lot of openings. Something to keep in mind when applying is that not all IHS hospitals are on USA A lot of them are being taken over by the Tribe or "Corporation". Ganado AZ and Ft Defiance AZ both need nurses, and even though they have federal funding they are not technically "Federal" hospitals. This means that you will have to contact them directly.
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    who on here works currently or recently at ft defiance?
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    Yes, I work at Ft. Defiance Indian Hospital.

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