Winter Grad - When to apply? Also, licensing Q.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm probably getting ahead of myself but I'm just trying to be prepared. So, I have a couple of questions --

    First, I go to school in NY but will be living and working in PA (Philadelphia) upon graduation. Anyone have experience with finding a job in a state outside the one you are going to school in? I'm wondering if I should take the boards in NY and then get a PA license or if I should take the boards in PA (which looks like a lengthier process).

    Second, I anticipate graduating December2011/January 2012 and am curious as to when I should start applying for positions? I'm looking for a position in Philadelphia and preferably one with a residency program. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

    I'm feeling totally clueless and my school is of little help! They assume everyone that goes to that school will also be working at the associated hospital. HELP!!

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  3. by   OneDayAttaTime
    Hey there,

    I am in a similar boat--I am a December 2011/January 2012 grad--BUT, I already live here in Philly. I also already work in a hospital here.

    With that said, I've gotten mixed signals as to when to actually apply. One of the charge nurses on my unit told me to start applying now as to get ahead of the other December grads (and my unit is also one of the few that actually hires new grads). But, on the other hand, I know that while my hospital used to hire GNs, you now need your license in hand to start working. BUT, I also know that they will interview you before you're licensed AND just from working here I also know that the HR process takes forever (not just with nurses but with everything) who knows if I interview soon maybe all the red tape will be sorted through just in time for me to start working early next year!!


    Good luck and keep me posted if you learn anything new!
  4. by   trooperwifey
    I would personally get your RN license ASAP, then you can get a PA license. It would look better to an employer that you have an actual RN license number in hand, rather than trying to jump through hoops of getting the PA first.

    I am in a residency program now and they usually start posting the postitions in early October. So, your not too far away. I am close to where you will be applying, so I would check the places you are interested in applying for positions soon.

  5. by   meg26.2
    Thanks for the tips!

    I think I've decided to get my license in NY because it will be quicker and I will have a license in hand.

    I've been keeping my eye on jobs at hospitals I'm interested in and there just isn't too much out yet. I'm planning on waiting/applying around September and October in hopes of some Residency programs opening up. I'm also thinking about calling a local nurse recruiter to see what they suggest.

    If anyone has anymore advice, do tell!