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I am a new RN. I am also a 46 year old man. I graduated in May, passed NCLEX and started work in July. I started in a new nurse bridge program that was basic but nice and informative. I worked in several units before ending... Read More

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    If you've got a 2/3 , 1/3 split, with 2/3 being people you like working with - you've got a pretty good representation of people. Some people suck, in nursing as in every other field. Learn from the teachers, learn from the mistakes, and you'll get it.
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    Quote from RN2BKT
    I'm 44 and got the calling to become a nurse 5 years ago. Before that I spent 13 years in the corporate world and before that, 11 years in hospitality. You just don't see this kind of thing in either industry. Or other industries I've worked alongside like banking, credit, insurance, retail etc. Yes, there's more subversive politics at play, like dealing with an Old Boy's Club but nowhere, not even with the jerkiest of coworkers have I ever dealt with this type of flat-out aggression.
    I honestly think so me of the odd aggression is because we ARE a female dominated field. Think mean girl, all grown up. Relational aggression - as opposed to physical aggression - appears common in estrogen dominated environments (high school, education majors, nursing majors, even some cosmetology type professions) - and because it is not as easy to spot as the physical /overt verbal aggression that men are known for, it's easier to miss until you're a victim.

    IDK - that's my psychobabble point of view. FWIW
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    What is the best way to deal with it?

    Directly or just ignore it?
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    Quote from squatmunkie_RN
    This person sounds just like those 1/3rd of nurses you're talking about. Sad he/she doesn't even seem to realize it. You shouldn't have to take it just because you're 46 and should be use to it by now.
    Yup. You nailed it. I hate all new nurses and expect everyone to be 20 year vets and ask the right questions and give the best report. Please. You dont know anything about me. If Vida ever came on here again she could testify to how I am in real life, might kinda shock you.
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    For the same reason new firefighters and new police officers and new waste management specialists and new attorneys and new Wal-Mart workers and new EVERYONE isn't immediately welcomed into their new jobs with hugs and gifts and parties.
    Strangely, nobody in those jobs whines about it like new nurses.
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    Did the nurse belittle you for not knowing which type of valve or did you feel defensive and stupid for not knowing? There is a big difference.

    At your age, OP, I'm sure you've encountered mean people or bullies before. What did you do then?
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    Ok, everybody, I have chocolate and cigarettes.

    Break time

    I think Obama would handle this with an outdoor beer, but then again, would you want to drink a beer with her and Obama? (Ah, the ignore it and move-on advice would sound better to me- that would be a bit intimidating for me- plus, I hate beer.
    (But it worked for those guys)
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    like i said earlier. i think some of this "mean to me" is defensiveness. especially when someone doesnt ask a question with smiles and giggles.
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    Quote from AtivanIM
    Ruby,I never questioned the fact that the information about a valve is important. If it wasn't noted in an otherwise comprehensive report, and remembered on demand, then the oncoming nurse can go and find out the information for themselves. In a prior comment you mentioned to let the "rudeness roll of your back." I don't think putting up with rudeness and lateral violence under the cloak of -maybe they are trying to help you by tearing apart your self esteem- idea is a great one. You seem to have the same theme for new nurses who ask these types of questions: -take the harrassment or get out of the profession-
    You're missing the point. The new guy didn't realize the importance of knowing whether the valve was tissue or mechanical. From the tone of his original post, he still doesn't. That nurse whom he was so sure was just picking on him was trying to have a teaching moment. That's her job as an experienced nurse to help educate the new guys. Not eveeryone is a great teacher, but you can still learn from them. So many of you newer folks are missing a lot of teaching moments because you either don't like the teacher, think you already know it all, or don't like the delivery of the message. Get over yourselves. You do both yourselves and your future patients a disservice when you whine about lateral violence rather than learn what's trying to be taught.
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    Though there may have been teaching going on the tone of the OP message was one of the nurse being condescending. Whether that is true or not is hard to ascertain from not being privy to the interactions. It is all in the perception of the message. There is the golden rule of being kind to one another that is being ignored. Treat one another as you would like to be treated and all will be well. No need of belittleling a new nurse regardless of age who is probably trying their best to survive their first year. I work on a med-surge floor and it is very difficult to know everything going on in your patient's history. Especially the first day you are on. The only people I know that can actually sit down and read charts are on the third shift but that is not always the case.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    To peace.
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