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I am a new RN. I am also a 46 year old man. I graduated in May, passed NCLEX and started work in July. I started in a new nurse bridge program that was basic but nice and informative. I worked in... Read More

  1. by   Jenn1229
    I do agree that there are some nurses who definitely have it out for the new grads. I think it is totally wrong to abuse our next generation of nurses. I myself have been a nurse 20 years and I usually LOVE teaching and helping new nurses. However, I have found that often times the new grads come onto the floor with a "know it all" attitude. You might have a BSN(I'm a diploma grad) from a prestigious college, but NOTHING compares to what you will learn on the job. Also, the way some of these new nurses treat patients and families is appalling...like they are a nuisance. You can't teach respect in college. It's something Mom and Dad should have taught you while you were growing up. Just saying...it goes both ways!!
  2. by   RNfaith331
    I agree Jenn1229. I love getting both newer RN grads (they won't assign the really new RN grads) and I especially love the nurses who have seen and experienced so much and want to teach. I try to enter these situations like a sponge. I do whatever I can to help/assist my nurse, to anticipate ways I might be of help. I try to compensate for the time she is taking working/teaching me. This is a second career for me so I take nothing for granted. All the RN's out there that are the great teachers, thank you. We sign your praises at Post conference and on our group Facebook page (private).

Why are new nurses treated poorly?