Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  1. Hello all!

    Before I ask my question, let me first say how great this forum/message board is. I have learned so much- thank you!

    The good news is I have an interview tomorrow for a Med/Surg position! Yippee! I have been running over some of the possible questions in my head and one has me perplexed.

    "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Do they want to hear that you will still be on their floor in 5 years or do they want to hear that you have plans to move onto the ICU or whatever? I honestly don't have a five year plan at this time. Any ideas?

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  3. by   morgiemoo
    Be honest about where you want to be or think you may be in 5 years if you have a plan but always, always say my goal is to spend at least 1-2 years in a medical/surgical setting to lay the foundation for whatever career I ultimately choose. Or maybe even include... my 5 year plan includes going back to school to obtain my BSN or MSN in..... Or I will be using the next few years fine tuning my skills and finding my niche and discovering what my passion area of nursing is...

    I was talking to our Med/Surg director today and asking about what openings they have on the floor and she started with you know med/surg always has a high turnover rate. We have openings all shifts but when I was in school they always told us we should give medical/surg at least 1-2 years because there is so much to learn here.

    They know chances are you aren't going to stay but play up the excitement of all they have to offer and that 1-2 years of experience. How you look forward to working in an area where you will get to experience so many different patient diagnoses and experience everything from NG tubes, chest tubes, traches etc. and how you look forward to mastering all the skills that the floor will present you with.
  4. by   abundantjoy07
    I just want to work on a floor where I am generally excited and happy about what I do.
  5. by   SoundofMusic
    In an ICU, hopefully a good travel position in a great location, making good money! I am humble, though. I'm in a med surg job now, plan progress to tele or step down/IMC unit for a year or two, and then to ICU.

    Tried the ICU as a new grad and I was definitely NOT ready! But I am not embarrassed of that at all.

    Or, I will have finished a masters degree and will be in a corporate job using my 1st and 2nd degrees in some way.

    Nursing is growing on me, but it's still very hard work. I'm older, so I'm not sure how long I can hold out on the grueling backbreaking work stuff. We'll see -- Maybe I'll just be still trying on different specialties at that point -- or doing home care. Lots of options!
  6. by   rnmomtobe2010
    If it's the Lord's will, I want to be NP and still he married with my two brats who are the reason I have gray hair at such a young age....BTW!!!
  7. by   SoundofMusic
    Lord willing is right. I also still hope to be married, employed, w/family safe and sound -- those are the important things, aren't they? Who cares about the rest!

    Let's also hope there is a healthcare system in 5 years, a safe country to live in within 5 years.

    (hate to be all gloom and doom, but these are really crazy times here lately).
  8. by   Rx-solution
    i am usually excited and pleased regarding what i achieve.