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Hey all, I've tried browsing allnurses before posting this but I cant seem to find answers. I graduate with my BSN in May and I was curious about when I need to start looking for jobs. I hear... Read More

  1. by   mmc51264
    I am going for a second interview next week for an RN Residency program. They opened their new grad posting Jan 3, closed it Feb 17, are in the second round of interviews and are making offers by Mar 31. Other hospitals in the area, but one have posted their New grad positions already. The one I want gives NCLEX help. There are only 2 hospitals that don't do some sort of new grad position.

    I am an ADN student graduating in May.

    Start looking at hospital websites. ASAP

    Good Luck!!!!
  2. by   gunrock

    1) A lot of bigger hospitals that have new grad programs have information about them on their website. Having a new grad program, especially a formal one is a huge recruiting tool, so most places will usually mention it somewhere, but it wouldn't hurt to call. Also check out this link: http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/careerserv...eresidency.pdf, it'll give info about some new grad residency's by state.

    2) I doubt most hospitals would count that as experience, it sounds like it would fall under volunteer experience. Most hospitals will want 1 year of paid RN experience (some will be even more specific about wanting acute care hospital experience vs. doctors office, nursing home, etc). A lot of hospitals who do have new grad programs hire nurses as Clinician 1's and then after the year of experience transition them to Clinician 2's or however they label a non-brand new nurse.