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Valley Health New RN program questions

  1. 0 Does any one have any info on the Valley Health New RN Program? Specific things I need to know are:

    1. Is the salary negotiable? The woman interviewing me told me the baseline salary but didn't elaborate. Is there a sign on bonus or does the salary go up after a year or two?

    2. How much vacation time do new nurses get at this hospital? Is it accrued hours, set # of days?
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    We are from all over the country and personally I have no idea at all where "Valley Health" is. There are a lot of valleys in the US.

    Suggest you relocate this thread to the geographic area you're looking at. In the yellow band at the top, choose "US" and then look for the state.
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    OP - are you aware that there are negative connotations related to your user name? Has nothing to do with the country (Ireland) but rather large nomadic families of con artists/swindlers. Just wanted to make sure . .
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    yea, its actually an inside joke amongst my friends and family. It has a double meaning.

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