To go to campus or Study online?

  1. Hi everyone,
    Im a new nurse. I have tried to find work here in california but jobs are for those only with experience. I even
    had a recruiter tell me that new grads were a dime a dozen. Im thankful for having two jobs, one as a PACU/
    training OR Circ. nurse and another as an on call transport nurse. Many people have told me to go back to school, and that ADN's are a thing of the past. Since most hospitals are trying for magnet status, they will only take BSN's. Now, Im stuck in a dilemma.... Im trying to cement myself in the field and gain experience, but I am worried if I attend an accredited online school that I wont be taken as seriously as someone who went to a traditional university and paid triple the price in tuition and time..

    Someone, please help. Where do I go? What do I do? i have been accepted into a university and an online program which is faster and cheaper. Can anyone in nurse management help???????????????????????????????????????
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  3. by   caliotter3
    They don't care. They really don't care. Get the degree from the type of program that suits your needs. For me, if I had your job situation, I would go with an online program. JMO
  4. by   violin9
    Does anyone know if the second degree accelerated BSN can be an online program?

    My head is spinning and I want to make the right decision. I"m no spring chicken!
  5. by   Moogie
    Violin9, it's possible to take some coursework online in a second degree ABSN program, but most programs are offered on-campus only. In any entry-level program for persons without previous health care experience, it's preferable to do an on-campus program because the schools will arrange your clinical experiences.

    Online programs are available for LPNs seeking RN licensure as well as ADNs or diploma grads who want BSNs (or higher). The types of clinicals in completion programs are different---you aren't learning the basics of nursing---you're enhancing your skills or practicing in a community setting as opposed to an institution. Students in completion programs are usually responsible for setting up their own clinicals.

    If you have previous health care experience such as an EMT or paramedic, there are programs available that will build on the skills you've learned. One such program is Excelsior (which offers a range of programs including LPN to ADN and RN to BSN).

    I've heard of some schools that supposedly offer an online entry level ADN program but I would be cautious. You really need to have a skills lab to practice skills as well as clinical settings in which you can get direct feedback from an instructor if you're a beginning student.
  6. by   Moogie
    NurseBarronRN, as long as the school is accredited by either the NLNAC or CCNE (the usual accrediting body for BSN and graduate programs) you're fine. You only run into problems if the school is not accredited by one of these bodies.

    Just FYI, many traditional universities offer online RN-BSN programs. Some schools offer in-state tuition rates for online students regardless of their state of residence. You have many, many options and don't necessarily have to limit yourself to proprietary schools if you want online coursework.