Thank you letter vs Email for New Grad....HELP!

  1. I am a new grad nurse (RN, BSN) I had a job interview Friday, 10/28, and I think it went well. I was told that the nurse manager on that floor never did peer interviews in the same day but she did fingers crossed!

    However, my main thing is that never in my interviewing have I left feeling excited until that interview. I always send a thank you card after even if I was treated like and inconveince -But I really want this job! I would like to still send my thank you card but it is such a big hospital that I worry she may not get it for a few weeks. Is it okay to send an email that I know she will get now or would it be better to take my hand-written card to the hospital in person and hand it to her if I can or leave it at the nurse's station? I just don't want to come off as impersonal or unprofessional (or desperate/too eager...gulp) but I really want to thank her and her staff for the interview and time they spent with me and reiterate my interest in the job.

    Thanks SO much!

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  3. by   carlyfry
    I sent my thank you card in person and was hired a few days later. Its more personal that way. If you can, I recommend sending it in person. It shows effort.
  4. by   ExpatHopeful
    Do both! I mailed a handwritten thank you to the unit director and also emailed her. In my email I mentioned that I had sent her a thank you but wanted to make sure she heard from me prior to making her decision. I got the job so it must not have been overkill!

    I would make sure both go out Monday morning!