Switching jobs so soon?

  1. I got the job of my dreams about 10 months ago. I had to relocate for the job and left my husband and my family behind. I am so thankful for the opportunity the hospital has given me but it is SO hard to be away. I really just want to move home. My question is, if I start applying for jobs back in my hometown, how do I approach my managers and at what point do I approach them. Will prospective employers contact my work for reference? I want to make sure I talk to my managers before they hear it from someone else that I want to leave. I feel guilty because the hospital has spent a lot of resources and time to train me, but I am just no happy being away.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    No chance of bringing your husband to where you are? Moving so you are each halfway to your jobs? Where is it written that you make all the sacrifice?

    If it's almost a year, you should be coming up for an annual evaluation soon. Discuss how much you love your work and how much you've learned and that you miss your family so you are planning to move back soon. See if your manager offers you any work-arounds, like, oh, three twelves and seven days off, so you can go home more often.

    If you really see no other alternative, stick it out another eight weeks, to make it a year; it'll look better on your resume.
  4. by   RNnicu42
    Thanks for your reply GrnTea. I am a plane ride away, so chance for him to move closer and both keep our jobs. The reason he hasnt moved to where I am is because he knows that I want to come home. Even if we lived together and I kept my job, we would both be missing our friends, and family. We probably wouldn't last too long without moving back home. Also, the pay scale at home is a lot higher.

    I like your advice about bringing it up at my one year eval. That would at least give them a heads up. I will definitely stick it out for the entire year though.

    When job hunting, does anyone know at what the prospective employer contacts the previous employer?

  5. by   HouTx
    This is a very common situation. You can stipulate (usually on the job application) that the prospective employer cannot contact your current employer unless you are actually offered the job. At that point (after job offer), they will need to contact in order to verify job history, etc. as part of the background check. This will give you time to do a formal notification & work out your notice - usually 2 weeks.

    You need to think this through, because you will need to provide some work references to the prospective employer. Do you have some trusted co-workers or a supervisor who can provide a personal reference for you without tipping off your boss?