Starting first RN job soon and I am terrified. Starting first RN job soon and I am terrified. | allnurses

Starting first RN job soon and I am terrified.

  1. 0 Starting first RN job soon and I am terrified. I feel as if my school did not give me very much clinical time. I never had a preceptorship. I just had the required clinical hours. I haven't even stepped foot in a hospital in 8 months. I was told I would receive 4 weeks of orientation. Is that really enough time??? I am afraid the other nurses will think I am stupid. Any words of encouragement would help. Thanks.
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    We've all been where you are. You're not alone.
    Good luck with your first nursing job.
    The fear/terror becomes less and less as you gain experience and confidence.
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    I know how you feel, I'm a new grad and was lucky to get a job after graduation. Most places will orientate you for 3 months but others are usually 6 weeks. My hospital was 6 weeks and it's scary as a new RN to carry the team of 5 patients on your own. What helped me was the nurses on the floor, having a helpful staff helps alot.
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    Good luck! 4 weeks isn't terribly long, but I've heard of worse.

    I'll be real, nursing can be, more like just "is", a bumpy ride. In the beginning it can be really really tough and just plain daunting, but it gets better.

    Congrats on finding a job too!
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    Good luck to you. Just a suggestion, carry a small notebook, write down diagnosis, labs that you're unsure of and when you get home look them up while they are fresh to you. I think it was the best way to learn. Ask questions, but not in front of patients, it might put your preceptor on the spot. Take a deep breathe, a lot. Welcome to nursing!!!!
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    Don't be afraid. Now is when you actually learn how to be a nurse. You will be more than ok. Congrats on the job!