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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

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    tampa hospitals 21.33= new grad, some hospitals even have it posted on the job listings. more if you've experience as an LPN
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    23.50$/hr Rochester,NY 5 pts 1:5 ratio
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    Morton Plant Mease hospitals start CNR at $23.76 per hour. $5.00 night diff.
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    $24 + $4 night shift differential, Michigan
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    South Florida - OR training program - 23.97 until completion of program (6-9) months. "25 something" after that.
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    Phoenix, AZ 26.70, plus $1.00 for BSN, $5.00 night, acute care
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    Newark,Delaware 28/HR plus 4$ night diff
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    buffalo NY area starts new grads $27-$30/hr for hospitals
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    Denver, CO area

    I am starting at $24/hr but will have evening differential of $2/hr and night differential of $4/hr, plus an additional $1 for weekends. My shift is 12 hours, so 4 of those will be at evening differential and the other 8 at night differential.

    I don't know if my starting salary is typical of the area, or even the hospital. Two of my classmates who were previous nurse externs at the same hospital are starting at $22.50/hr.
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    Philadelphia - $26/hr for new grad
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    I'm usually a lurker (this is my first post but in Cleveland it ranges from $24-$26 for new grads. With ::gasp:: CCF being the low end of the spectrum.....from what I'm told, I don't work there.
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    Detroit area: $25/hr base rate of pay with additional premium for nights/weekends taking you up to around $29-30/hr
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    Boston LTC Sub-Acute floor = $27 base plus differentials

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