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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

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    ive been offered $32-35 in both clinic and hospital settings here in the Bay area. (for clinical nurse I and in a new grad program)

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    We're all unionized. NGs make 32 to 34 per hour where I am
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    I will be graduating in May, just got a job where I will be making $22.30 for evening 3-11 shift, plus weekend differential. I live in central IL.
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    Hospital in middle GA offered me 21.00 base pay with 3.25 for nights and 3.25 for weekends. Offer loan repayment after 6 months of working there, and have extra shift differential $10 more an hour plus your overtime pay with the other differentials as well. I'm a single mother so I might just try to pull 4 days a week instead of the standard 3 12's if they'll let me
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    Hi, I graduated in December 2011 from a community college in Southern California. I got two job offers, one offered me $30/hour day shift and the other one offered me $35.47+$3 (Night shift). if I do not want the benefits that they offer, they pay me 15% extra of my basic hourly salary.

    hope this will help
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    Northern CO is around 23 p/h base pay for associates. Differentials vary on the hospital.
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    Quote from ER-RN-2B
    I'm in Springfield, MO. I have heard new grads start at 15.50 an hour here, 16.50 if I'm lucky. Cost of living is cheap, you can get a nice apartment for 600 a month, but the two hospitals here battle to keep wages low for us. :angryfire Too bad I like Springfield so much.

    this is really sad. I'm an ACP (like a CNA) in florida and I make 14.90.
    RNs deserve way more than 15 bucks an hour.
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    Quote from meltnpointofwax
    this is really sad. I'm an ACP (like a CNA) in florida and I make 14.90.
    RNs deserve way more than 15 bucks an hour.
    I agree, LPN's make more than that in Ohio (but not too much more).
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    Quote from lulusoccer
    I just graduated in May and started in Pediatrics in June, I start at $22.50/hr in Indiana, + $4.00 more an hour for 7pm -7am shift differential. This is a smaller town as well.
    Where in Indiana? I am in east central Indiana but willing to drive 60 mile radius to Indy!
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    I'm a new grad and just accepted a position in southern Illinois - $20.50/hour plus differentials for nights/weekends..

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