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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from bonnevie13
    How about Michigan? Any new grads being hired, where, and what is the salary range?
    $25/hr + $3/hr for nights.

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    Quote from april.rn
    I am a new grad that was just offered a job as an RN in California (central valley) starting at $35/ hour. And its in a clinic, so NO nights or weekends!

    WOW. I'm impressed...where in the Central Valley, that is where I am from!
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    I know someone who just got hired in the Bay Area, CA..starting at 50 an hour new grad
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    There are plenty of new grads getting work..
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    I just applied for a new grad program in Sacramento, Ca that starts at $41/hr.
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    New Grad in Mt. Pleasant, SC (just outside of Charleston) got hired at $22.50/hr with $5+ for nights and an additional $4 for weekends.
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    24.40 in WY
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    i am a new lpn grad in charlotte, nc. starting pay in snf is 20 an hour.
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    The reality is that new grads ARE having a more difficult time being hired at the present time. Like every other industry, jobs in Health Care have been impacted by the current economy. Nurses are not leaving their positions - retiring, moving, changing professions etc, as much as they used to because of economic uncertainties. So there are fewer job openings overall. That being said, as the economy slowly improves, and as more nurses retire because they need to retire, there will be more jobs. SO for those who have found jobs, Congratulations! And for those who are still looking, keep the faith, keep a good attitude, keep your license intact, and keep up with what's going on in your area. Try to get your foot in the door by volunteering, or applying for a different job. Be creative and stay positive.
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    I was a new grad a year ago. I was hired at 33 dollars an hour, plus 3 dollars an hour for responsibility pay. Night differentials on top of that.

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