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hello all. just readin different threads and wonderin what does the starting salary look like for a grad nurse? i live the in Atlanta area so any ball park figure will do. thanks!... Read More

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    Any idea what the salary for a graduate nurse in the intermediate ICU is in the Austin area?

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    Charleston, SC area, new grad starts @ $22.75/hr - $24.00/hr, depending on the hospital. LTC $23-$28 depending on the facility.
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    Quote from smile123
    The $35.00/hr is starting pay in the San Francisco Bay area for regular RNs, not travellers. The cost of living is very high, so that's the reason for this higher starting salary. Travellers make even more. It's not uncommon to pay $1100 to $1500 for a 1 BR apt.


    Very attractive to me. I grew up there. Currently in So Cal but thinking about to move back up? How's the market there? I heard there's no shortage at all up there. Is that true?
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    I am from Massachusetts, my friends starting wage are about 26-28.00.
    I am in Raleigh Nc, starting wage at doctor's office is 18.00 - just got a job at hospital making 22.50/hour, plus with my shift differential - third shift - making 29.50.
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    I will be graduating in May 2010 with a Bachelors in nursing. I have just accepted a position in a clinic in Wisconsin (I was a Medical Office Assistant and an office clerk there) where I have been employed for 7 years. Does anyone know the pay range on the clinic side? I know nursing wages are way low right now and clinic nursing is even lower. Thanks!
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    Quote from Vikki09
    Very attractive to me. I grew up there. Currently in So Cal but thinking about to move back up? How's the market there? I heard there's no shortage at all up there. Is that true?
    It's completely true. I went to nursing school up there, all of my class had many years of experience in hospitals as LVN's, and no one could get an RN job at the hospitals they had worked at because there's just no jobs. I met nurses working in various other industries, real estate, etc, because they had yet to land a nursing job, and they were consistently trying. I believe that post is slightly inaccurate as RN's start there now closer to 50/hr. I wouldn't move up there without having a job lined up. I had thought about trying to stay up there, but after applying many places and having a easier time finding a job down here, I came back to Southern California.
    I still have classmates who haven't found jobs, and we graduated 01/09. And they applied EVERYWHERE. (nursing homes, etc)
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    I'm a May '09 New grad w/ no ER experience going through Flex Ed ER Nursing Course. From a small 150 bed hospital in SoCal, I was offered $29 8hrs (11a-11p shift) and time and a half for the remaining 4 hrs. 36hrs FT. They said I could float to other units and the other hospitals in their Health Systems for extra shifts. For extra $$$, I definitely will. (Engaged once I graduated but haven't set a date b/c no job and this $40,000 student loan looming over my head!)

    Anyone offered anything similar? I have no idea what this works out to annually. I'm just feeling blessed to have 1 offer after trying for almost 1 FULL year!
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    I live in Boston and was offered $24/hour plus differentials at a rehab hospital.
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    I just want a job. Congrats to those with a job at this time!
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    I just need a job myself...No luck so far...I feel so help less.

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