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Resume advice for 1 year experienced RN

  1. 0 HI everyone!

    I'm about to complete my first year as an RN and I would like to update my resume. I'm looking to apply to higher acuity units so I'm not sure if I should altogether delete the internships and clinicals from nursing school. Any advice? I'm also having trouble filling out the objective portion. Anyone out there good with resumes or know of a website with really good examples?

    Thank you!!
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    you're only out of school one year, so leave the internships that apply to what you want now, and when asked, tell them how what you learned there helped you in your first real job. "summer internship, general oncology floor, abc hospital."

    when you apply to new positions, they'll know you're only a year out of school. they want to know what you have learned and what your learning goals (objectives) are now. so you'd say something like "short term goal: to increase my skills in assessment and care of oncology patients. long term goal: certification in oncology nursing (ocn) and clinical specialist position in outpatient gynecological oncology." (or whatever)

    google "resume" and you'll find all sorts of examples. do not pay a resume service good money, .

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