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Question, I will be turning in my two-week notice at my hospital next week. Signed a two year contract worth a total of $8000 (in their eyes, and according to contract.) I will have been there one... Read More

  1. by   Esme12
    NOt here....the ;labor laws protect those without a labor contract...and it protects against unfair labor practice. Sets behavior guidelines/rules. What the hospital says we will hire you if you promise to stay for 2 years and we are willing to pay you an additional $10,000.00.....over and beyond you hourly wage..... just because you promise to stay 2 years. However...if you decide to leave early you will, have to pay us our money back because you broke your promise to stay.....everyone agree?

    If you sign on the dotted line that you agree to those terms you are held legally to your promise/contract.....and will have to pay them back the $10,000.00.

    They aren't saying you can't leave....they are saying that if you leave before the agreement....the extra money needs to be signed and agreement that you agreed. If you break that promise it is a breech of contract........and you could be sued.
  2. by   dishes
    I can see how an employer has legal right to enforce a contract based on a recruitment and retention bonus. These type of bonuses are offered to Canadian nurses to work in the northern and remote areas, but the bonus is given in increments; at the start of employment, after 18 and 30 months, if a nurse quits early, they are not entitled to the bonus.
  3. by   bendyprissy
    Well, I thought I would follow-up in case anyone else was wondering for the same issues with their own circumstances. First, there was not a sign-on bonus and repayment was as dogfood341 remarked about recouping cost.

    So, they did prorate my amount owed based on time there which turned out to be half.
    They did give me the choice of keeping my PTO or giving it to them, which I did, as I was already prepared for them to take that anyway so that covered half of the half.
    My Director then told me they have to, by law, give me minimum wage for the hours worked but the rest would be confiscated; which they did. That paid half of what was left.
    Lastly they stated they are willing to give me 90 days to pay the remainder.

    Needless to say, I would have preferred to finish out my contract rather than go through this but I would have quit the profession entirely so this was my only other option. I am happy to no longer be there. Hopefully this helps someone else.