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Question about liability insurance for nurses

  1. 0 New Grad, first job, start Monday Can I get some advice about insurance? Do you recommend it? which types? individual professional liability? malpractice? anything else? Just want to make sure I have ducks in a row. Thanks in advance!!
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    I wouldn't work without it. I have liability insurance through NSO. As a new nurse, it cost me less than $100 for a year. Well worth it.
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    It's too cheap not to have it. It may or may not benefit you in a crisis (like most types of insurance, that have small print to exclude every claim)- but in this case, it's so cheap, just do it. (But be sure it pays for a lawyer if you are charged with a compliant, or are arrested for anything). It's not like 'health' insurance, for $800 a month with a $25,000 deductible!
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    Thanks Racer. is liability the same as malpractice? I hope I never have to use any of it but do want to protect myself if the need be.
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    It's essentially the same thing. NSO covers you, whether you are being sued, asked to testify, etc. It's well worth the money.
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    I also have coverage through NSO, it is pretty cheap even after the first year, totally worth having even for peace of mind.