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  1. Hello all!

    After months and months of sending out resumes I finally had my first interview today for an RN position on a Med/Surg floor at a local hospital. Let me tell you, I was NERVOUS! But I really wanted the position and God only knows how hard it is to even get an interview-- I GAVE IT MY ALL! I met with the nurse manager who was a very nice woman. Well to my delight she wants me to come to a second interview! She said the second interview is a peer interview. I think I am more nervous now than I was before I interviewed the first time(lol).

    Does anyone know what types of things they ask and what they are really looking for? I really want this job. I want them to see that I am really enthusiastic about this. My family's financial situation is at its all-time low and if I don't land this job I don't know what we will do. Please help me with any ideas, thoughts, questions, answers or anything that comes to mind. I appreciate your time reading this.
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  3. by   smileymimi
    Congratulations on your interview, AND your 2nd interview!
    That's such an amazing sign.

    Well, you got to plan and practice.
    They might ask you about yourself but they could challenge you as well.

    Sometimes they would give you a simple scenario and you have to come up with the interventions.
    Remember, in any case, priority and safety are the key!

    Write out possible questions and answers.
    Then practice it until you own it.

    Good Luck! =)
  4. by   rn2bhopefully
    Thank you Smileymimi! I will do that. I just hope my nervousnous doesn't show through. Getting to the second interview is a positive step but I just can't help feeling nervous. Maybe it's because I really need and want this job. Thanks again and if there is anything, anything you remember or comes to mind please don't hesitate to share it with me.
  5. by   smileymimi
    You're welcome, I'm a new grad who recently got hired after multiple interviews so I know how you feel!

    First, be prepared about the specific unit.
    They might ask you "why med-surg?"

    Then think about your own clinical experiences and reflect on it.
    Strengths, weaknesses (state it but turn it as positive).

    Common questions are,
    "What's your biggest accomplishment?"
    "Do you have experience when you had conflict with your co-workers, if yes, how did you handle it?"
    "How do others describe you as?"
    "When was it that you went extra mile to achieve something?"

    Then I had one ICU manager asking me a bunch of 'what would you do' questions.
    "What would you do if a patient is fluid-overload?" (Diurese the pt)
    "How do you expand blood volume?" (Isotonic solution, hydrate, replace factors, give FFP)

    But I think this was just her interview style.

    Then a psych unit nurse asked me what I would do if the pt is agitated.
    I said I would try to assess the pt for the reason and calm him down. If his/her anxiety is escalating, then I would take him to a private area to reduce stimuli and ensure safety.

    The bottom line is, be calm, answer with sincerity and enthusiasm.
    I'm pretty sure your panel won't ask you extremely difficult questions.
    Just show your personality, listen attentively, and be positive!

    I wish you good luck!

    p.s. Search for previous posts on career section and you will see many many tips.
  6. by   ccb84
    The format of my interview with the SICU was that of a peer interview. I am blessed and excited to start orientation on Monday.
    I liked the format of a peer interview because it seemed less formal and more comfortable. They asked me questions regarding hypothetical situations that I might face as a nurse. What would you do? How would you react? etc. The hypotheticals involved ethical/moral dilemmas, scope of practice, and HIPAA. As a new grad, you have a fresh grasp on theory and textbook knowledge, but you lack the real world experience. The interviewers KNOW THIS!! They don't expect you to know everything, so don't stress yourself out. They just want to get a feeling of where your head is at, your character, are you quick on your feet?, can you take your knowledge and practically apply it clinically? etc.

    Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability, but don't BS. Saying less is often better than rambling on. You must be confident, but you also need to be humble. There is much to be learned from the experienced nurses, utilize your resources! Interact with the interviewers and ask them questions, this breaks the formality and keeps things conversational. Focused but comfortable. Don't just speak when you are asked a question. This demonstrates that you are outgoing and eager to learn, that you can function efficiently under pressure and in a dynamic environment.

    Lack of practical experience, naivete, makes finding a job as a new grad difficult. Factor in the economy and a relatively over saturated job market for RNs, and you decrease your odds of landing that job. The only way to compete with the other prospects that have experience, is to sale yourself. That's all you have. Sale your character and values, your personality, but be genuine. BE YOURSELF. I know you hear that all the time, but it's only because it's true. Give yourself the advantage by setting yourself apart from the competition.

    With all due respect, I don't necessarily agree with smileymimi. This is just my perception, but there is no way to prepare for what they might ask. It doesn't even matter. You have all of your knowledge from nursing school to draw from and you know right from wrong. I'm a new grad myself. I don't have all the answers and I have a lot to learn, but this is how I've approached things and it's worked so far. Good luck and I wish you the best. Sorry if I've rambled, I tried to be concise.
  7. by   rn2bhopefully
    Thank you ccb84. I will be myself and hope my sincerity and genuine kind nature come through. I will let you guys know how it went. It will take place next week. Crossing my fingers!:redpinkhe