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So I am a new grad nurse on a surgical unit. I am on orientation and got my 30 day eval today. Come to find out my manager told me my preceptor raised concerns about my critical thinking skills, and... Read More

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    Ruby- I really am thankful for this feedback from other nurses. I am having a hard time with this because I really like my preceptor, but I just felt as though she gave me no heads up when my managers talked with me. I even had asked her how I was doing before, but she told me it was hard to say because she had no past experience to compare it to. Any confidence I had went out the window. I don't want a pity party at all! I guess what I am feeling is that I am being labeled as "the bad nurse". I have taken full responsibility for my Tylenol mistake, I did from the beginning. Again thanks everyone for the input, it honestly has helped me put things in perspective!

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    It's just two weeks. Yeah it sucks, but hey you're still there.

    Sometimes, we let what people think get in the way of what we should be doing. So people think, yup they do? But hey, what does it matter? Your attitude matters more.

    Do your two weeks with the new preceptor. Learn all you can. Don't say nothing bad about your previous preceptor. And soon you'll join the ranks on the floor. Have a fun time when you do.

    Sometimes, it's not just the destination, it's the journey
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    Just wanted to post an update. I have got a great preceptor, and she told my managers that I am doing great...what a difference. I realize now that my other preceptor is new as at this as well, but I am trying to put this behind me and just learn all I can...Thanks for all the input!
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    I am very sympathetic with you. 10 yrs ago, my first job gave me a preceptor who wanted no part of precepting at all. I was sunk like a skunk. Throughout my subsequent 10 years in this field, I have found the entire new hire experience to be backwards, stressful and void of reality. Places still make you precept with years of experience. I once was precepted by a new grad when I had 7 yrs experience. The entire precepting notion needs to be wiped out and re-vamped. Most people do not learn well when they are getting bossed around and criticized like a small child, and slapped on the nose for spilling milk. In my last hospital job, I left after 2 shifts because my preceptor was a nasty, argumentative bi*ch . Been there, done that...I am too old for it, and if a new job requires an extensive "pre-cepting" I turn the job down. I could go on and on about this, but I'll leave you with one thought:

    Never let other nurses destroy your confidence. They will try to...hold your head high. I had my confidence destroyed by evil nurses early on in my career. All I can hope is that KARMA will eventually speak its mind. Best of luck to you
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    Hi. I agree mentor/preceptor should discuss the issues with you. Mine did the third day, however here are the issues "you cannot ask question when we are in the patient room", "you cannot talk to me about another patient when I am writing about another patient", "you are not getting it, I told you to focus on things what your patient have (report is from him who speak 100 miles/hour) (at times, I will forget to check the I/O or forgot pt have hemovac)" "or did not get the first time how to hang an antibiotic (now you will need a muscle to prime this thing, also I am left handed and he wants to use my right hand non dominant, so what do you expect), and you show your not confident" another thing, everyone is watching you and will be talking about you, now mind you this is my third day....he tells me things, when he wants to. I sit in the corner trying to find things to keep me preoccupied. I do not have access to the lounge room, or anything. He expect high things for me which is great but I think there is something missing. Or is it me? The patient he assigned me was awesome, and understood that I am a student nurse and learning. So yes, it took me awhile to get their vital signs - the machine was foreign to me. He thinks that it is a sign of not being confident.

    Now I am not sure if going back for the 4th day will have any value if he already made up his mind about me. He expect me to remember everything about the patient, I am not allowed to make mistakes. I get nervous asking question because I am nervous, that's the truth. Is that bad? Also, I heard him talking to someone in front of all the other nurses, how I am there and that I am not getting it, etc. I left the area so that I will not hear it at that time. I always have to run after him (he run fast), and most of the time, I am not even sure if he wants me there. Uggh..I dread it now...
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    Take it. Do your two weeks, come out better and move on.

    Refuse to be weighed down by it, life is full of choices, Make your choice. Bad nurse?!!! It's not what they call you- it's what you anwer to.
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    RubyVee I love the quote on your posts
    When arguing with an idiot, make sure the idiot isn't doing the same
    Sorry to get off topic...
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    Thank you for your post regarding the preceptor/student issue. I am orientating at a new facility and found out that my preceptor made what I thought was an unfair assertion to my new manager. It was a terrible blow to me, because I am quite sensitive to what people say. Your post reminded me that it will pass and my focus should be on being the best nurse that I know I can be. You said it clearly and succinctly!

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