Orientation Nightmare! - page 3

So I am a new grad nurse on a surgical unit. I am on orientation and got my 30 day eval today. Come to find out my manager told me my preceptor raised concerns about my critical thinking skills, and... Read More

  1. by   eagle78
    RubyVee I love the quote on your posts
    When arguing with an idiot, make sure the idiot isn't doing the same
    Sorry to get off topic...
  2. by   me_again
    Thank you for your post regarding the preceptor/student issue. I am orientating at a new facility and found out that my preceptor made what I thought was an unfair assertion to my new manager. It was a terrible blow to me, because I am quite sensitive to what people say. Your post reminded me that it will pass and my focus should be on being the best nurse that I know I can be. You said it clearly and succinctly!