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Hello there, Any opinions will be highly appreciated. I am a NEW GRADUATE RN. I got a job in PCU and my plan is to transfer to an ICU in the same hospital. My question is: - What is the... Read More

  1. by   Candyn
    Hi Ruby,

    Thank you for answering all my questions fully. AWESOME ADVICE as always.
    I agree with you that it is bad to start a job knowing that you will leave it for something else. I really do not want to do that, however, with the situation nowadays, how many new grads really get what they really want? Do people just sit around and wait for what they want, which may never come or take what will be a step for them to get what they want? I like to make commitment to where I work, but do I give up my dream to work in an ICU and stay with the unit I am hired at first? This is why I take this job because it is a BIG hospital, if transfer, I only need to transfer within hospital instead of other hospital. I think it is better than transfer between hospitals.
    I ALWAYS try my best on everything. Even though I plan to transfer, I still take every learning opportunities seriously and fully. Also, this unit is very busy and as I see, there will be a lot of learning opportunities that I will get from this hospital.
  2. by   azMissK
    I'd wait a solid year from when you are off orientation and operating as independent RN. so say you started with a preceptor in June and on your own in October, I'd wait til Cctober of next year to transfer. That way, you have a year's exp and it doesn't look like you have been counting down the days from the minute you start. The hospital I work in made it clear from the beginning that they want their employees to be happy and that they want them to follow their nursing dreams so transferring is always an option. We've had 3 nurses go to the ICU lately and one of them was a nurse that had just over her 1 year mark on our unit.
    Your managers won't take it personally when you decide to transfer within the hospital