not selected before an interview??

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    I am in panic now..on Tue recuiter set me up for a phone interview on Aug 2nd. I was so happy that I have a chance to have my first interview. Then just now, I found that my status on online application changed to "not selected" I emailed career contact because I don't know recuiter's email. Should I call her clarify my status?? or should I wait till phone interview??

    Anybody had similar thing happen on your process?? Today is Fri,,,I don't want to worry on this whole
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    I would call and clarify your status ASAP.
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    Her voice mail is telling she is back her office on next
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    I also vote for calling ASAP to clarify what's going on. At the same time, I'd also accept the possibility that this place may have found an applicant who they feel may be a better fit than you for the job even before the interview

    So call and hope for the best, but be prepared for bad news just in case.
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    Hopefully you will find that this is just a mixup and you are still in consideration. Good luck either way.

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