Newly Discouraged Nurse Needing Advice......

  1. I just graduated from school in May and was hired immediately out of school as an RN. I am a wife and a mother of 4 kids and worked my butt off all through nursing school. I couldn't wait to finally be a nurse. However, I am discouraged because it has been 6 months and I work in a very negative environment. I don't like the location in which we live either and so I have been recently doing some research and I am considering being a travel nurse. I have student loans that need to be repayed and kids that are getting older so the money would be nice. I am not afraid to travel at all. My husband and I are looking into relocating to Florida since we go there about 3 times a year. Anyone know of a good travel company for new nurses that has great benefits? Also, anyone who lives in the florida area have any advice on where to stay away from? Please help...need a change fast!
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  3. by   roser13
    I believe that most travel agencies require at least a year of experience.
  4. by   FurBabyMom
    Yeah, everything I've looked at travel wise requires 12 months or more experience on that type of unit as an RN. Specialty areas like OR, ICUs can require 24 months or more too...

    The thing about travel nursing is, you don't get a huge orientation time. All the travelers I know get 2-4 days in central nursing / computer systems orientation, and then they are placed on a unit with competencies evaluated as they go. I know at 6 months of experience I wouldn't have been able to handle that...but perhaps that's me.

    That said, it is easier to find work while you are already employed. Are there other facilities close to your current location you could apply at? If you are serious about moving to Florida, that is an option, just be mindful to be careful and research any potential career move thoroughly. I don't suppose it would be fun to jump from one miserable job to another - because sometimes the grass is greener on the other side... I know where I work now, we have had nurses leave, go elsewhere and come back within 3 months because the grass wasn't greener and things were as frustrating or worse or bad in different ways elsewhere.
  5. by   mep726
    Thanks for the response. I know the grass isn't always greener on the other side which is what I am keeping in mind. However, the turnover rate is high; we are always short staffed and the patients are always complaining. Were lucky if we have a CNA at all and if we have one that is one to 39 patients. The negativity is the worse thing; seems like all the good nurses have left. AS for Florida, that is where we were going to retire once my husband was done with the military. Im trying to buy my time till I reach a year of experience before pursuing anything further but I am not sure I can make it to a year. I am even considering applying at nursing homes in the area but I don't want to lose my skills from the hospital.