New RN's in a long unemployment line and super hurt/angry/frustrated

  1. I graduated in May 2012 with an ASN in the top 15 of my class with honors. I have applied to multiple hospitals, searched local nursing organizations to join, signed up for volunteering, and the list goes on and on. I am well aware that this is becoming more and more common for new graduates, but what can I do to keep my sanity because I am just about out of hope!? I've applied for residency programs, internships, rural jobs, LTC facilities/nursing homes, jobs hours away (willing to live in a hotel) volunteering opportunities and am moving up to my next college degree. I keep my dean of my nursing program in touch and shes doing her best to help me out, but shes just as baffled as I am. If you were me, what would you do? Get any job to help pay the bills/student loans or just keep applying and wait for a phone call? The majority of the hospitals I have applied for, turned me down BEOFRE I ever got an interview. I'm only 23 and worked during the summers out of school, so that's all that I can use as "experience". . . . I really just wanted to set up this forum for my fellow "baby nurses" searching all over for ANYTHING. And I would love anyone's input!
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  4. by   not.done.yet
    Do both of course. Take a job to pay the bills AND keep applying for an RN position. Sadly there are many in your shoes. I hope you find something soon.
  5. by   somedaypeds
    Volunteer at the hospital you want to work in. Look to home health agencies for private duty. They love RNs but the pay is low. Having any nursing experience will help. Seek the help of a professional resume writer. Start networking.

    Good luck. Keep trying. If you are willing to relocate, I hear North Dakota is still hiring.
  6. by   LaceyRN12
    Get your nursing classmates who HAVE found a job to help you get a job at their hospital by recommending you.
  7. by   Becka305
    Unfortunately I moved once I graduated- I had a job secured back home but this move is what is making everything harder. My references, colleagues and college information doesn't hold as much weight here. Thank you though!
  8. by   Becka305
    Not done yet: thank you!! I will start the joyous "temp" job soon!!! Somedaypeds: I have signed up for volunteering and even the home health agencies around town want one year experience which I find insane! I will look into the resume help and I'm doing my best to network!! Thank you for your advice!!
  9. by   PolaBar
    Moving can be a challenge. I moved, then became gravely ill the next day (literally). So, it took me a while just to get healthy enough to look for a job (so, it was about 18 months from graduation to job for me, but it wasn't 18 months of looking). Not sure what area you moved to, nor why you moved after having had a job secured, but some places are harder to find jobs than others. I know some people that did stuff like "flu clinics". There are also phone triage positions.
  10. by   joanna73
    I do hope you find something soon. Keep plugging away! I wonder though if you were truly aware of the job market before entering your program? We've been in the throes of a major global recession since the end of 2007. Also, many facilities are moving towards hiring BSN prepared nurses. So unfortunately, you and many other new ASN grads are facing a double whammy, through no fault of your own. It is what it is. Send out as many apps as you can and network. These days, it's also WHO you know.
  11. by   Becka305
    @polabar: I should've been more specific... I moved to San Antonio with my husband for the oil field boom. Our move was last minute (move or lose his job) so I had to forfeit the position. I'm not looking for any preferred area, but I'm targeting hospitals or places I can get "floor" experience because I want to work in the ICU at some point in my career. . . I'm not against clinics, but have found no open positions (I've called too- not just depending on websites positions available.) . . . I'm sorry you got ill, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason
  12. by   Becka305
    @joanna73: no I was not fully aware of the market, but I did not go into nursing for the money or job availability/security. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a nurse- I have a huge passion for helping others and wanting to make a difference in this world, no matter how big or small that difference is. . . I'm going to begin RN->BSN in January, so hopefully I will at least be making some headway. . . And I COMPLETELY know what you mean by its "who you know!" That's what makes me worried about my references and such, because all the networking I did back home holds very little weight here :/ Thank you for your advice and support!!!!!