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  1. 0 My question is about how to go about new orders. I just started my first nursing job in a LTC facility. I graduated a couple months ago. I feel like the paperwork is the hardest part in these first few days! We didn't do any orders or dealing with doctors in nursing school. So when do we need a script from the doctor? When we fax the doctor about needing a specific med/upping a dose and him faxing back with an "ok" do we need a script or just write a telephone order and fax that to pharmacy? When we have a script do we also need to write up a telephone order to send a copy to pharmacy and medical records? Thank you in advance for any help or advice!
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    I have no idea, LTC is pretty unique. I would suggest you re-ask this question in the specialties section of All Nurses....LTC nursing is one of the specialties.
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    every facility will have their own protocol for this. whoever trained you or your manager should be able to answer your question.
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    Yeah this is probably policy-related, so you just need to ask your nurse manager to help you out.