new graduate base pay in south florida

  1. does anyone know what graduate nurses are being paid in south florida and are there any sign on bonuses offered
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  3. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    This is kind of an old post, but I figured I'd respond anyway.

    North Broward Hospital District (Broward General, North Broward, Imperial Point and Coral Springs) pays 22.50/hr, $3 evening (3-11p), $5 nights (11p-7a), $3 weekends...Med/Surg at Broward General is giving sign on bonuses for new grads...$2000 for days, $4000 for nights, 1/2 after 90 days, the rest after a year.

    Several of my classmates will be working at Westside, and I think their base is $21 something. Their ER pays a $125 bonus plus time and a half for overtime, and they paid a bonus of $8000 for ER, payable quarterly over 2 years.
  4. by   gradRN2007
    memorial regional hospital base is $22, with 1 year experience for every 3 years of lpn experience if you have it
    $10,000 sign on bonus and will hire new grad to er/icu
    great benefits and 5 hospitals to choose from, please use my name robin evans for signon so we both get the bonus if you go there!!! good luck
    i have been there since 1981 in the lab and start an a rn in 2 weeks in cardiac icu..can't wait 6 month orientation with a preceptor 7p-7a t,wed,th is my schedule, no weekends or holiday, $5 differential for nights and more for weekends
    have always loved working there!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   nursepeggysue
    do you know if they still have new grad positions?
    want to work perinatal. i have been an lpn for 20 years!
  6. by   gradRN2007
    new grads start at memorial in hollywood, mirimar, pembroke, there are 5 hospitals, at $22, but if you were an LPN you get 1 year for every 3 years you were an lpn...and great benefits, weekend diffs and night diffs...i love it
    email me if you want more info and there is a $10,000 sign on bonus some for you and some for me, if interested already got someone a position and we both got the bonus,,great place to work
  7. by   gradRN2007
    they are definetly hiring new grads in l/d and nbicu and for 20 years as lpn you get 6-7 years experience as a Rn on your base pay, and weekend shifts get $10 hour for a 12 week shift...after orientation, i have worked in this system and you can not beat there benefits and working for a not for profit hospital is wonderful, they never turn anyone away no matter if they can pay or not
    email me for more info $10,000 sign on bonus and i was hired as a new grad
  8. by   34914
    Hello Robin,

    I know that your post is almost 4 years old, I was wondering if this stills apply. I will be a new grad RN in June 2011 and was hoping if Memorial hires new grad..

    I know times and the economy has changed, any information will be helpful...