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I was just wondering how many jobs new grads are working? One job FT, or multiple PT/Per Diem positions? I've worked at least 2 jobs but typically 3 for the last 6 years and I was wondering if new grads are really finding FT... Read More

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    I am working 1 full-time job

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    I'm working 3nights one week and then 2 nights another week. But I put them together to work 5 straight nights to be off 8-10 days in between. I still do part time as a RT and do that within those days. I'm part time as a nurse as well
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    December grad, working FT since a week after passing NCLEX. I am one of the few in my class, however. Many of my classmates are still looking for work of any sort.
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    Graduated with my ADN on May 9th, 2013. Got my license May 22nd.

    I have a Fulltime job that I start in July 15th on a CVICU. We work 3 12's on that unit and rotating weekends. Take call, but not sure what the process is for it.

    I currently work partime at a psychiatric facility for young boys. I will go PRN with the psych facility after I start my Fulltime in CVICU. I am also make supervisory visits for my uncles Home Health company PRN. I am careful not to take on more than I can handle, which is why I will likely drop the psych facility altogether after starting my CVICU job.
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    I work FT. W/end doubles. Baylor. Geri-psych. LTC
    We have lots of PRN shift work available because management's always calling w/ends to pull shift. I work tomorrow for instance. Managements always fussing about paying OT but management never puts out ads to hire any nurses to pick up the slack. Management offers a GVN position but they don't advertise it.I don't understand it. Many facilities have openings but no one is actually 'hiring'.
    I live in S. Texas.
    I had a HH job but I felt dangerous so I resigned. LOL I'm probably going to get a staffing job. This one facility is nothing but vents and such and I need more exp with airway management.
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    Graduated in May'12 and passed NCLEX Aug'12. I got full time work in October'12 as an admissions nurse (not good for new nurse), lasted 4 months and then found the job where I am now and loving it! I work 3-11 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have Monday- Thursday to be home with my family and I can also pick up an extra shift if I want to.
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    Graduated May 2012 with my ADN. I was hired per diem at a hospital for med-surg and tele (prn was only thing available at the time). I worked 3 to 4 days per week by choice (could work more or less). Husband and I wanted to buy a house so I had to go part time to include my income. I work 3 8 hour shifts per week, every other weekend. It's not bad but I definitely miss per diem. Loved having control over my schedule and working the same amount of time that I do now!

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