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I wasn't sure where to post this, but I am a nursing student who will be graduating in 2013 and I've been a CNA on a telemetry floor for over a year now. My professors are encouraging those who aren't working as a CNA to do so in... Read More

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    Yes, most of the techs at my hospital who graduated this past May have landed RN positions (including me, yay!). It definitely is to one's advantage to find a tech job, show your work ethic, and make a name for yourself in a hospital setting.

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    Quote from lalopop86
    Thank you all for your comments and responses! I always thought it would help, but with hearing about how tight the job market is out there and how different CNA and nursing tasks and responsibilities can be, I've been curious
    It doesn't have anything to do with your tasks and duties. It's about showing the nurse manager how strong your work ethic is, and being a team player. I worked in a non-patient care role at a large hospital while in nursing school. It was a huge disappointment when I graduated and didn't have an "in" because I didn't know any nurse managers or recruiters! The more people you know and the more you can prove yourself, the better. Also, working as a CNA and learning how to interact with patients will help you when you become an RN.
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    I was a CNA in a hospital all through nursing school. I currently have a job, but not where I was a nursing assistant. Do I think it helped me land my current job? Kinda. When I had my interview with the DON of my facility, she was certainly impressed that I had worked through nursing school. When I was calling other hospital though, they told me my nursing assistant experience didn't count for anything. BUT I have to say, I'm so happy I was a nursing assistant because I was already used to working with all types of patients and medical equipment. Also, it helps you sympathize with your CNA, which I think is important. So I think it won't always help you get a job, but once you get a job, you will be happy you were a CNA.

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