New grad with no experience = boring cover letter?

  1. I have been talking to all my friends who are new grads and they are getting no calls back re: resumes they sent in for jobs. They all took their boards and passed months ago. Even the girls who were CNA positions are having a hard time getting positions within the hospitals they work for. So what do you do? Obviously you may need a stand out cover letter to separate you from the rest. But in all honesty, what can you write in a cover letter if you have no previous experience??? Before going to nursing school I was a legal secretary for 10 years and have stayed at home while attending nursing school for the past 5 years......*sigh* Anyone have any ideas???

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  3. by   lwhite731
    my last semester of nursing school they gave us a personal development class that helped us with creating a resume and cover letter. As far as having no work experience r/t nursing you still have clinical experience that you obtained during your practicum. List those skills you learned. list any volunteer experience that you have. list any extra curricular activities that may add to what you have to offer like for example being part of an honor society. Make your cover letter sell what you have to offer.
  4. by   KAYBDT6
    Check with your school library and ask for a book tittle knockdead resume or cover letter book. Or google to search for cover letter.
  5. by   Purple_Scrubs
    As a former legal secretary, I am sure you have some good customer service skills and experience dealing with complaints and unhappy customers. This will translate nicely to nursing, which (unfortunately) is becoming more about customer service than patient care. In any event, you can play up that experience in your letter.