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I am a old 'new grad' graduated last year May. Recently started on a stepdown med/resp floor. lots of unstable/critical patient. I get 3 weeks of orientation, and I am really struggling right now. one big problem I having... Read More

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    Thank you sooooo much. I had some difficulty saving them because it said, "read only."

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    thank you all sooooo much. Today, I used and modified one of the brain sheet and it helped more! I will definitely try to ask more question - and thank you for reminding me, it's about the patient, not me. I have to admit I was intimidated and often worry more about how other nurse will perceive me instead of think patient first. and I will definitely be doing my homework.. I use to hate careplan so much, but now I wish I have the opportunity do preplan.. ha... anyway, thank you all so much again they are great tips/info and thank you for all your encouragements and being supportive!!
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    Do you use report books? We write in report books and basically copy patient's name,age,diagnoses and history and then add -on what every happened during shift ( last vital or any abnormal vitals and which MD is aware,what was done,drops/rises in labs,pain,bleeding, where the medlock is,etc...) I think every new grad has problems with report,once you get a system down you will be fine!

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