New Grad RN CAN'T FIND WORK!! What should I do?

  1. Hello,

    I graduated with my BSN in May of 2010 and passed my boards in September. I have applied to OVER 30 positions without being picky at all. I've applied to hospitals up to an hour away from where I live, all departments, all shifts, part-time etc... I looked into nursing homes and prison positions as well and there just aren't any opportunities out there. Anything I apply for requires experience as you all know, what an awful catch-22!!

    While I wait patiently and keep on applying do you have any recommendations as to what I should be occupying myself with? I need some sort of income because my loans are going to start billing me. What should I do? I'm contemplating applying for holiday temp retail work because i just CANNOT find anything health related... but is this something I should do? Will it effect how future hospitals reviewing my apps will view me?

    HELP! I need something to do while I wait for an RN job to hopefully turn up. Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? HELP!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    There is nothing wrong with doing holiday retail work to pay the bills. You might fare better though if you get a job as a restaurant server. No employer is going to hold it against you because you took steps to survive. While you are working at anything you can get, you can still continue to look for nursing jobs. Something will come up eventually. Good luck.
  4. by   Aubrey88RN
    Thanks for the reply/good wishes. It's definitely frustrating having to apply for minimum wage work when I have a 4 year degree with a professional license, but with this economy thats what many people are having to do I guess.

    I'm just very concerned that the longer I go without an actual RN job the worse its going to look to future employers... I graduated over 5 months ago... I'm getting more and more concerned that I won't get hired. I live in CT and it's really bad here for new grads.

    Are hospitals going to want a new grad that hasn't had any nurse-related work to speak of months and months after graduation? If I can't find a position and this continues into next year how will that look? .... I don't know, this is ROUGH. NO ONE in nursing school prepared us for this...
  5. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from Aubrey88RN
    Are hospitals going to want a new grad that hasn't had any nurse-related work to speak of months and months after graduation? If I can't find a position and this continues into next year how will that look? .... I don't know, this is ROUGH. NO ONE in nursing school prepared us for this...
    I think this is a valid concern. I have seen new grad postings that specifically require the candidate to have graduated within the previous 12 months and have heard stories from others of same.

    A few of my classmates from Aug 2009 are still looking for work and a couple are still doing unpaid internships as licensed RNs through a local community college... basically, providing free NOC-shift services local hospitals in the hopes that they can get noticed when hiring resumes.
  6. by   Liss RN
    Ugh, I am in the same situation, so I am feeling your frustration. I too graduated in May and passed boards in September. I've applied to 70+ jobs. No interviews so far. I'm considering getting a job in a restaurant/bar or something. It's disappointing for sure.
  7. by   Aubrey88RN
    Yeah, its beyond frustrating... I've started looking out of state but its not something I really want to have to do. There are NO new grad opportunities in CT or the surrounding states...

    Hard times all around I guess.
  8. by   diligent-trooper
    I applied to hospitals, with the impression I was competing with new nurse graduates, later to be rejected and told the positions were being filled with more experienced individuals. wHaaaaa! I finally was offered a nurse position with a Nursing home with 151 beds (huge). It has many specialty units, including an "intermediate Unit", in which I am working on. My suggestion is to continue sending out the resumes, and even look at LTC. A nursing home may be the start you need.
  9. by   Aubrey88RN
    I've been looking into nursing homes. I've looked at over 30 and only found one opening which I applied for... not looking promising. I've really been the opposite of picky..... hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes, prisons, etc.

    Can't catch a break.
  10. by   naturalome
    Aubrey, Im in the same boat..Ive applied to about 40 positions so far, and no luck...yet. I also live in a very competive city. Basicly, I still apply at hospital oppertoonities--but lets face it, there not hiring new grads. I know you said you applied at LTC& prisons etc, which opens up more oppertoonites but you might want to try what Im doing...opt for a lower position. Even though I have an RN degree, Im now applying for LPN and MA positions.--try to take what you can get in the medical field. Hopefully, Ill hear something back by trying that approach but if that doesnt work...I'll apply for CNA jobs---I need some kind of income, & thats always a for sure thing that lets you stay in the medical field. Its a hard pill to swallow & im bitter about it, but any job is a job, right now!
  11. by   NYLady
    Where do you two live?
    I have seen listings on the NYC Health Department Web site that talk about a nurse internship program. It is certainly not what you are looking for but it may fill a need at the present time.

    I'm so sorry you are having this poor success in finding work. Have you talked to your school? Is there anything they can suggest?
  12. by   serenitybarbara
    One thing that you could do as well, volunteer when you are not actively working or as one suggestion said, take holiday work with a retail store. Volunteer at a hospital, then it does two things. first it gets you out of yourself and second you are where you see what is going on and you might find yourself in the right place at the right time. If the staff knows that you have your degree and are willing to volunteer just to be near the action, that goes a long way, and they get to know you. It also looks great on a resume'.

    My first position after obtaining my BSN was at a Home Health Agency. Since I did not have "their experience level", they put me to work, making less, but, working, at least. The other RNs had to do the supervisory visits etc., they did not mind. I started getting the much needed experience and it did get better.

    I know that you will do well. Good luck.
  13. by   Aubrey88RN
    @ NYLady.... I live in CT and I went to school in RI. I haven't spoken to anyone at the university since I graduated, and even if I did I doubt they would have much advice on the issue. Most hospital websites have information about their new grad programs/residencies but if you dig deeper you'll find that they aren't offering positions at this time, or only have several openings.... several openings vs hundreds of applicants isn't too promising. Most hospitals in my area either stopped doing the programs because of budgeting or had to make MAJOR cuts in the # of positions offered.

    I've tried getting into places volunteering but because of liability/insurance issues no one is willing to let me near patients. Most volunteer work is done in ER waiting rooms, or other less involved areas (ie: gift shop, dining services, pharmacy etc)

    We'll see what happens. I'm applying to positions way out of the area and hopefully something will turn up. There just isn't a place for new grads these days for some reason... everytime I see a commercial on TV advertising nursing schools and listing all the positives including 'steady career fresh out of school' I get mad lol... People have NO IDEA what the reality is
  14. by   LadyAscheRN
    I currently live...well, in the middle of nowhere, NY! I would say my closest "cities" are Middletown and Kingston, and, like you, I graduated in May of this year, took my boards at the end of July, got my paper from NY with my number on it in August...and have been beating doors ever since. The real kicker is that I was an LPN before I went back to school for my RN, but it's as if it never happened now...that experience counts for nothing.

    I have, as of today, filed 172 applications since August 4th - hospitals, home care, nursing homes, public health, flu clinics, you name it. I have had 3 interviews, and one of them was in Albany, which is unreasonable to commute to for any period of time. I have a stack of 68 turndown letters, many of which telling me either that I am underqualified or having returned my resume with "No Grad Nurses" highlighted in yellow on the response letter (thanks, Orange Regional!). My favorite are the LPN jobs I've applied for where I'm told I'm OVERQUALIFIED.

    Being that I still have to make ends meet, I have been working at the local grocery store for $8.90 an hour as a clerk. I am beyond dismayed that I kicked and clawed my way through nursing school, passed my boards with flying colors, and now can't even get an interview. When I went to apply for unemployment, the clerk all but laughed when I told her I was an RN and said, "Honey, have you tried writing a resume". Oh my gosh, evil woman, what a unique concept - I never would have thought to! **sarcasm**

    In short, it's sucking bigtime for all of us. If you come across any solutions, let me know.