New Grad Nurses struggling to find jobs - CNN Reporter wants to hear from you - page 6 appreciates how difficult the job market can be for new grad nurses. We are working with Annalyn Kurtz, a CNN Money Reporter get info for an article that will highlight this... Read More

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    Please don't forget to fill out the questionnaire!!!! Get your stories out there!!!!!!!!! Let's be counted!

    New Grad Nurses struggling to find job - CNN Reporter wants to hear from you

    Are you a new grad struggling to find a job? A CNN reporter wants to hear about your challenges. Click here to relate your experience.
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    It is time for the new grads to shine, hope to be able to read more about you!
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    A friend graduated from nursing school and it took her 1 1/2 years to get a job. She only got a job because of a family friend in the hospital.
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    There is a nursing shortage: as long as you have more than 1 year experience (so they dont have to spend money training you) and less than 10 years (so you don't ask for too much money).
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    The job market for nyc hospitals is a joke they want 1-2years experience and a BSN. I graduated with my AAS and it tookover 4months to find a job and when i finish my BSN in the next 1 1/2 i dont qualify as a new grad because i have worked the past two years but not in a hospital setting. If they want a BSN to be the standard IN nyc they should dismiss the AAS programs since the hospitals are not hiring them. Its all a money making thing i know bsns that cant find a job also ,and a good point to consider is that bsn programs are expensive here who wants 50k debt for a rn degree when you could go to a community college and owe 15k or less for the two years and hopefully find a job after graduation and work while you get your bsn. Thats the option i choose.
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    I can't believe how long we've been stuck in this economic slump. I clearly remember the recession during the early 90's. This time, it's worse. Global....and five years later, very little has changed for the better. I hope these new grads find employment soon. I relocated far away from home for a better opportunity. 2.5 years later, I REALLY miss my home!
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    What does CNN get out of this? Glad to see AN intersecting with other media and corporations.
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    Not to sound grouchy but it's about time. I struggled 2 years ago for 9 months to get a job.
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    Quote from Enthused_Nurse2B
    I'll take a stab at this one ... all over the media for years they have been advertising how there is a nursing shortage. They encourage people to go into nursing because you can supposedly makes lots of money ... but obviously how do you make money when no one wants to hire a new nurse? In addition, nursing school is very different from all other undergrad programs. I know because I have a previous bachelor's degree. You are trained specifically for one profession and there is not much else you can do employment-wise outside of that degree unless you seek additional training and education in other fields. You bring up a valid point, CapeCodMermaid, but I do strongly feel that there is a difference between new nurses and all other new grads.
    Sure there is, because unlike nascent historians and guidance counselors, new grad nurses have paaassssionnnn and dreeeaaammmmss ... and within the last decade or so there have been highly-touted shortages of engineers, lawyers, teachers, and professional violinists. All of them are having hard time finding work. Things are tough all over. I think CCMermaid is onto something when she questions the exceptionalist viewpoint of new nursing grads. Of course, since this is a nursing community, I don't expect a lot of folks to see the broader picture. But hey-- why do you think so may people are going to graduate school after getting their BAs, and living with mum and dad? Hint: You want fries with that?
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    Not to mention how many people thought I must be doing something wrong because I couldn't find a job. It was so demoralizing to hear people say this, when they didn't know what they were talking about. You know, nursing, the recession proof job.
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