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I know there are other topics on here about this- I've read them all. I'm feeling so so depressed lately. I graduated in October 2011 with my BSN and passed my NCLEX in November. I started applying for jobs in August, hoping to... Read More

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    Glad you got something. Here in NY jobs are not a problem at all. Hope you like what you do.

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    Quote from katherine100
    Glad you got something. Here in NY jobs are not a problem at all. Hope you like what you do.
    Hunh...! Which part of NY are you referring to...!
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    Quote from maataus
    Hunh...! Which part of NY are you referring to...!
    Hehe, the poster may be referring to nurses with experience. It looks like from her posts she has been working as a nurses since 2009. And as we know a nurse with 2 years experience (even with one year) really has no problem getting a job. A nurse with zero experience is a whole other story!
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    New grads from the Sam school of nursing got jobs with that hospital. Perhaps their schooling there did help but there are jobs in dialysis here as well as LTC if you cannot find a job in a hospital.
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    NY jobs are hard to get, unless you go upstate. But NYC/Westchester/Long Island have basically nothing. And having close to a year experience at outpatient clinic or another non-hospital job does not help much. Hospitals in NYC area seem to prefer NYU grads for some reason, if you go to NYU you can get in as a new grad with just BSN and RN license. Idk I guess its the same. I wish they gave BSN grads from other reputable schools in NYC the same chance too.
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    True estrella. I remember calling Westchester medical about current nursing jobs and the HR perspn told me they will call me when they have openings. Brooklyn and other hospitals are hiring (I doubt all of them have NYU grads) but I suppose those hospitals are not desireable. A friend of mine wroked for Jacoby and liked it .
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    I took my LPN board exam in April and I passed,am a 31 years old mother of 2 children.Please anyone with information about finding LPN job should please contact me,because right now,I don't know what to do with my life,am stressed,depressed and I cry everyday.I got an award of distinction in pharmacology at kennedy king.I stay in south Chicago.I can hardly feed,am so
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    Hi Newlpn have you searched I don't live in your area, but I looked on there after I read your post and saw a few things. I would apply to even places that ask for experience, you never know. Also, if you have a resume start dropping it off to various places. Fax it to random places and if you haven't already done so, get on and sign up to receive daily emails when jobs come open in your area. Don't give up, make it your job EVERY day ALL day to search. Also, create a profile on Monster. I was sort of in a similar situation a few years ago when I relocated to a new state with just my children and I. I did all of the things I just suggested to you and received several offers. Keep your head up I, may God bless uou and your children. I am praying for you.

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    If you can commute to NW Indiana, you might be able to get on at a nursing home in the Gary area...You might need to get an Indiana license, though... Job market very difficult for a lot of nurses now...Good luck & I hope you find something soon
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    @ GodsgirlID ,have applied to several jobs on,careerbuilder and some other websites and have submitted tons of applications on site.Guess,I'll keep applying and thanks for your words of encouragement.God bless you.

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