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New Grad No Job- extremely depressed. - page 6

I know there are other topics on here about this- I've read them all. I'm feeling so so depressed lately. I graduated in October 2011 with my BSN and passed my NCLEX in November. I started applying... Read More

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    I understand you better of what you can imagine, we are in the same boat....I graduated on May this year, ADN, got my license on July, more than a 100 applications in hospitals, rehab centers, clinics, doctor's office, LTC, hospice, dialysis, etc...and I'm still waiting for a in south Florida it is very hard almost impossible to find an RN new grad position in a is not what you is who you is very depressing and sometimes I feel like all the hard job that I did during my nursing school to graduate with high honors is useless, I was accepted to begin my BSN on the meantime I will get a cashier or waitress job while I work in my BSN, but I will continue applying in every single place that have an RN open position, hopefully some day I will get an opportunity!!
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    Quote from michelle9655
    I finally have a job.... An amazing job at the best hospital in the state- Northwestern Memorial. However it was my first hospital job and I only got hired at the end of July. It took me 9 months total to find my first job and I applied to every single hospital in Illinois, and then also hospitals in Iowa Indiana and Wisconsin. Awful. Haha but I have a lot to be grateful for now and now I will be "experienced" so I hope I don't ever have to go through that again.