New Grad Med Surg Nurse Freaking Out! - page 4

Oh God, somebody please help me! I just started a job on the Med Surg floor and will have 6-7 patients per shift. I am working with a preceptor right now and having trouble juggling only 2 patients (I just finished up my 2nd week... Read More

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    Dont be too hard on urself! It gets better..i had 1 bad day n 2 good days just last week

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    I am also a new med surg and starting my job next week. I have the worry that I will be the same way! I was hesitant to take a medsurg position because of the patient load, but I'm hoping it will improve my organization skills. I've read a lot that any job takes about 6-12 months before we really feel "comfortable". Just do your best and always ASK if you're unsure- it's safer that way. I'd rather look like a putz for a few minutes than harm a patient because I didn't ask. But you can do it!!! Hang in there and know that you're not alone!!
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    Sometimes I think hospital nurses work in a battlefield. Good luck. Don't get discouraged. Learn as much and as fast as you can, but also take a good care of yourself.

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