New Grad Lay Offs :[

  1. So ive been in an ICU for 6 months now, but my manager called me in one day and gave me the grim news that i was being laid off . I never knew i was going to be laid off, but here i am. . This sucks a lot. I do have some money saved up to last me, but its only a temporary fix. Its hard to think that i am considered to be unemployed now. Now im back to applying for jobs. . I've picked up an on call CCT job with a local ambulance company but unfortunately its paid per call and its not enough as what I was getting working in the ICU. I've continued to apply to other hospitals all over california and it has help a bit with my experience to the point where I am getting calls from nurse recruiters. The only problem now is that I don't qualify for ICU positions since I don't have the 2-3yrs experience and non critical care units wont take me as "I am trained in such a critical/specialized field". I'm hoping something comes up soon but in the mean time what else can I do? Any advice would be helpful.
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  3. by   HouTx
    Oh no! Are they giving you a decent severance package? You will be eligible for unemployment also... be sure to file right away. Your HR folks can guide you through the process.

    Been There, Done That - it's no fun at all.

    I would recommend

    See if your current employer will add you to the PRN roster. It's better than nothing, and they already know you're a good nurse.

    Sign up with all the local PRN registries. Be very flexible in accepting assignments.

    Cut all unnecessary expenses immediately. Be pro-active about notifying creditors about your situation before you get in trouble... many of them will work with you to prevent damage to your credit rating. Explore options to reduce rent/mortgage - including adding room-mates.

    Hopefully, you'll find something quickly and in a couple of months, this will all be just a bad memory
  4. by   californiarnbsn
    Thank You! I just had an interview with a neighboring hospital in the CVICU. I believe it went well and literally minutes after getting out of that one I got a call from a hospital that I had actually volunteered for after nursing school when i first was looking for my first job. That one is for a Telemetry position. I'm so happy that something is finally coming my way after all of this and so excited for what the future has for me. My nursing career is just beginning and i'm glad i am going to be able to get past this.