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Hello everyone, I need your advice on my situation. I graduated as an RN in december 2010 and passed my board in March 2011, I applied to so many places, and one SNF that applied to on March 6th, 2011 interviewed me on the spot... Read More

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    Think you should take advanage of the opportunity. There is a girl that got hired at my job 6 months prego, did 3 months of orientation, then 9 months prego, delivered her baby, now on maternity leave for a few weeks, when she comes back shell be on her own for the first time. A baby didnt stop her...dont let it stop you, what is meant for you, you will way or another Creative Scholar-

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    Thank you creative scholar, your message is very encouraging, I will go for the interview and see what happen.
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    good!!!!! keep us posted!!!
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    sure, I will.

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