Mercy San Juan New grad program 2010

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    Just curious if anyone applied to Mercy San Juan Medical Center's New grad program that was posted last week. It closed on Wednesday per HR. I wasn't able to find any information about timelines about the program like when to expect a call/letter, date of program, etc. The HR just gave me an email of someone (forgot
    to ask if it was a nurse recruiter) Ill email them later.

    Has anyone been in their program last year? How was it?
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    I've applied for these positions also. Good luck to you. I think they will call next week for interviews because I think I recall the posting saying interviews will be held sometime during the last week of April.
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    Hi! I'm from Sacramento but got in a program in CO. I plan on moving back there to work (hopefully). Any advice? How did you go about looking for new grad programs?