Medication Pronounciation!

  1. So I work at a SNF. Graduated March. I am relatively young and this is my first serious career.

    Now, I had to verify medications from what my coworkers said was a relatively nice doctor. Which I take their word for because my coworkers are amazing.

    Well, my medication pronunciation isnt all that well, but english isnt my first language, I had to take speech classes when I was younger and I get very nervous talking to doctors. (Start to stutter when they raise their tone.) Infact, the pronunciation isnt just with medications. I've had problems with other words in general.

    Well going through the med list (which I didnt get a chance to rehearse, kinda on the spot thing.) I couldnt pronounce about 25% of the medications on the list. Most were things I've seen for the first time.

    She basically yelled at me and asked if this is my first healthcare job, what I worked in before, when I graduated, and that I should know my meds. Basically after that call I took a break and teared up in the bathroom.

    Any tips on how to get better? I mean yeah it comes with time, but I dont want to have this happen again.
    I absolutely love my job and taking care of my people, but when it comes to doctors I want to hide under a rock.
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  3. by   One1
    Don't let people get you down for having an accent and pronouncing things differently. Here is a website I used a lot when I was in nursing school because I would get funny looks for how I pronounced pathophys terminology (English is not my first language either). Type in any word and it will pronounce it for you.

    Now, with meds it is important that the person receiving your info understands which meds you mean so there is no risk of med errors. You could repeat the name slowly and annunciate so that the MD can confirm you have the meds right. Look up the meds you didn't know and learn what they are for, and next time you can show that a different pronounciation does not have to equal no knowledge about the drugs.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    I'm pretty sure lots of drug books have the pronunciation included. I'd start looking up the ones with which you're unfamiliar. Good luck!