Lucile Packard RN Residency September 2017

  1. I know theres another "Fall 2017" thread for LPCH, but it seemed like it was for the April cohort instead. So heres a new thread for those who applied to the fall Sept 2017 cohort at LPCH!

    There was word going around that they wouldn't have a cohort this season due to the new hospital, but I guess they decided to have one anyways. Let's keep each other updated with anything we hear from them (:
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  3. by   3doodle
    Thanks for getting this started! Good luck to you.
  4. by   LDNurseOB1
    Thanks for starting! I applied for L&D and Maternity what units is everyone else interested in?
  5. by   chocolatebuns
    I applied to Peds acute and critical. Good luck to you guys!!
  6. by   3doodle
    I applied to L&D and Maternity as well.
  7. by   danielle:)
    I applied to oncology and acute care! Has anyone heard anything yet?
  8. by   mrkcs
    I applied for Pediatric Acute and Critical Care! No updates yet for me. They recently just closed their application so maybe we should be hearing back within the next two weeks?
  9. by   LDNurseOB1
    I'm thinking that they are going to have to get the ball rolling soon because the start date is Sep 25th, which is much less time to get everything done than they normally have. They generally have 4 months to select candidates, conduct 2 interviews, then extend offers, and onboard everyone. Now they only have 2 months, YIKES!
  10. by   chocolatebuns
    I was thinking the same thing. I originally thought they were gonna have it all done by September since the questions in the application were asking if we would have license by Aug, be able to start working in Aug, etc. Does anyone know if LPCH usually does group interviews or just panel with one candidate at a time?
  11. by   LDNurseOB1
    I have read various places that they initially do a panel interview with interviewers and 4 candidates. It's generally an hour long and they ask each candidate like 3 questions. Then if you pass the initial interview, you will then interview one on one with the manager of the department that wants you a few days later. Hope that helps!
  12. by   mrkcs
    Maybe they'll skip group interviews and just do individual interviews due to time, who knows haha. Good luck everyone! Please keep posted
  13. by   Oakdene44
    I applied L&D and Cardiac. Emailed the nurse recruiter a couple of days ago and she said we should hear around August 7th Hope this helps.
  14. by   LDNurseOB1
    Awesome! Thank you for the update